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So You Want To Live In California?

City Of Angels – Los Angeles is sometimes also known as the “Sultan of Sprawl.” But thats not where the latest growth is. Most of the Californians or new settlers are actually heading somewhere else.

Angelenos are packing their bags and heading 60 miles east to San Bernardino, where twelve of the country’s 100 fastest-growing suburbs are located. Leading the pack? Beaumont. It has experienced 130% growth since 2000.

So why is Beaumont so popular.

Beaumont is situated in Riverside county and has a population of just 28 thousand, give and take a few. It has been California’s fastest growing city almost 21.2 % at its peak.

The majority of the ethnic groups that constitute the city population are English, Irish, Scottish, German, Italian, Swiss, Polish, Greek, Mexican, Central American, Argentine, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Armenian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Southeast Asian.

The city is primarily Republican which makes me think the residents are more inclined towards conservatism and that is actually quite surprising given the politics of the State of California. Even though a republican governor is ruling the state, the city itself is quite liberal and leftist in its views.

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