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Harry Kalas Dies

Harry Kalas

Harry Kalas

The world famous Phillies broadcaster and NFL speak legend Harry Kalas (Callas) has passed away. Harry Callas died at the ripe old age of 73.

A legendary broadcaster who was in a league of his own, Harry Kalas was a broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Mr Kalas was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital after he became unconscious at the Washington Nationals home opener game against the Philies in DC.

In his memory, there was  moment of silence declared before the game. The Phillies president Mr Montgomery announced that they have lost their voice with the death of Mr Kalas.

Harry Kalas (Callas) Bio and Wiki

Harold Norbert Kalas (Callas) was in his 70s. He was born on the March of 26, in 1936. Harold Kalas was born in the city of Naperville, Illinois. Some of his fans have the habit of misspelling his name as Harry Callas.

Harry graduated from Naperville High School and then went on to get his degree from University of Iowa. Mr. Kalas started his career as an announcer but for the minor leagues and from then on it was just up up and away. Mr Kalas also server in the Army as well.

Harry Kalas (Callas) Funeral Service

The family has not released any funeral service plans but I will keep this page updated. As and when the service is scheduled I will update this page with funeral service and plans so that the fans can pay the respect. Also, family members are planning to hold a wake for Mr Kalas.

If you have been an ardent Harry Kalas (Callas) fan and have enjoyed his broadcast over the years, do leave your condolences below.

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    1. Robert Wilson says:

      Harry was simpley the best in a league all his own. Phans in Philly and sportsfans every where will miss him dearly.


    2. john butera says:

      Harry was the best. I worked as his statistian on several football and basketball games and he treated everyone the same….with class. I’ll never forget his kindness.
      John Butera


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