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IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

IIT has been facing some flak from various sources over its deficiencies in the IIT JEE 2009 Solutions procedure for determining cut-off marks in the JEE but so far I have not heard them say anything on how they plan to resolve it. These incongruencies were in fact pointed out by another IIT professor of IIT Bombay itself.

Sounds like a classic case of right arm not knowing what the left arm is doing.

On the basis of the model answer sheet that was made public after the 2008 test, Mr Joshi, the IIT professor wrote to JEE administrators that there were some 5 major issues in the questions which could cost potentially high marks to those who even answered it correctly. But so far no word from the admissions department that conducts the test.

Are you one of the test takers? What do you think about it and what discussions you have been having with your peer group and teachers. Let others also know what you think would be the best solution to get this resolved. I think perhaps Narayana IIT JEE teachers may have found something interesting regarding this.

IIT is India’s number higher education institution. Graduates of IIT who then go on to take admissions in the top colleges and Universities in US find it a walk in the park. It is indeed true that IITs are one of the best and most challenging education regimen in the world when compared with other top universities of the world.

India and Indians world wide are immensely proud of this educational institute of higher learning and research.

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