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Mark Fidrych Stats

Mark Fidrych (nee Steven) , more popularly know by his nick name – The Bird – was a Masachusetts native and he retired from Major League Baseball after playing for Detroits from 76 to 80. Sounds like a very short career span to me.

However the excitining news is that since he was Polish, he has been selected to the Polish Hall of Fame. Mark Fidrych made it to the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame.  The election of Fidrych and few others like Banachowski, Czyz etc brings the National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame roster to 116.

Have you been a fan? What do you think of this nomination.

To check out the stats of this player, go here – Mark Fidrych Stats

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    1. Tommy Tiger says:

      “Never in my 37 years of baseball have I seen a player like him, and never will I again. My gosh, I don’t know why we don’t see more people like Mark Fidrych. He was what he was. All natural. So hyper, so uninhibited. A minute after he came into my office he’d have one cheek of his butt on the corner of my desk. Before you knew it, he’d be lying on my desk, his head resting in one hand, the other hand gesturing in the air.” – Former Tigers GM Jim Campbell

      Mark The Bird One Rare unforgettable individual A TRUE STAR I met Mark at my friend Butch’s Eng.Office in Northborough Mark treated me like we had been friends
      Forever.Butch would say he’s “The BIRD” he’s “The BIRD” I new nothing Duh!Since I didn’t follow Baseball Only Now am i learning how Respected & popular Mark was..Mark & Butch were tight.Unbelievably Mark Passed on April 13, 09 & My Good Friend Butch on May 1, 09 Butch & Mark were” Top of The Top” GodSpeed my most cherished Friends


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