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Dartford Cemetery Green Lake WI

I have been hearing tales about a haunted place that is supposed to have a witch road which has a haunted place, actually a hotel in Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Have you or anybody you know had a chance to visit this place anytime?

Is there something spooky about it? Sometime back I saw a forum thread and lot of users were talking about this place as if there is something unexplainable going on here and even scientific research cannot prove what that unexplained thing is.

In fact people who live near by say that just being there you get this uneasy feeling as if something wierd is going on. Poeple used to laugh at such claims but once they tried it, even they felt it. A lot of folks have reported hauntings there.

Are there any hotels nearby which one can stay in while visiting the place? Any experiences to share if you below to that place. Give a shoutout below.

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    1. Sam says:

      ok i went to green lake for a feild trip and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights a kid died there so hauntings r all over the place that cmetary isnt the only place, the dormrooms for the feild trip is scary room 6 is the most haunted in the girls dorm and my friends bed shoock around 3 in the morning


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