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Perchlorate In Baby Formula

I just read in a New York Times report that researchers tested samples of powdered infant formula and found guess what? Traces of a rocket fuel ingredient in  it.

Researchers at the renowned Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carried out tests on baby (infant) food or formula for traces of perchlorate because of concerns that the chemical can damage thyroid function. And it seems like they came out positive.

This is indeed very shocking. Now if the food had been manufactured in China, there would have been a shrill over cry but if its local then we need to hold the manufactures accountable right over here and set an example.

Perchlorate in drinking water

Not only this, but Perchlorate has been found in the drinking water of at least 35 states and the District of Columbia. The chemical can inhibit the thyroid gland’s iodine uptake, interfering with fetal development. So babies and adults are at equal risk.

Perchlorate in baby formula

Some interesting facts: The largest concentration of perchlorate was found in formulas derived from cow’s milk. The research body, at this stage, declined to comment on which brands they tested. But on the other hand they said each tested brand showed positive results for the rocket fuel ingredient. So it seems the whole industry is a suspect.

Do you have babies? What level of concern do you show for such news report? Do you get alarmed or basically everything manufactured by companies is a suspect in your eyes and you have stopped getting all worked up about it?

Check out the New York times report on Perchlorate.

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