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Jiverly Voong Jives Off The Tangent

Some people tend to go off the tangent when they hear bad news or are in a state of shock. Similar thing happened with a man who has been identified by the New York Police as Jiverly Voong (Wong).

Jiverly Voong was an ex employee of IBM and has been laid off recently. Perhaps the shock of losing his job made him go over the edge and on a shooting spree inside the building.

As to why he picked that particular place or whether if at all his job discontinuation was in fact the reason for his going on a rampage, only time and further investigation will tell.

Jiverly Voong Wiki

Jiverly Voong is a 41 year old Binghampton resident and is responsible for killing at least 13 people when I last checked with the reporters on the ground. He is of Asian descent and I can tell you right off the bat he is not Indian or south Asian but more of the Philipino Korean variety. (Perhaps even a viet). Jiverly lost his mind and stormed the American Civic Association in Binghamton, N.Y on this day.

I will continue to update this page as and when new information arrives or when his photo (pic) becomes available in the public.

Jiverly Wong Voong

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    1. Davey says:

      He’s Vietnamese (Linh Phat Voong) so your article is wrong and he is south east asian. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what he is so why make an issue out of it, trying to point fingers at Koreans or Filipinos?

    2. Troy says:

      Any other information emerging about this guy? This is really an unfortunate tragedy.

    3. Dave Lee says:

      Hate to think it but I think he was targeting immigrants as IBM have been aggresively offshoring regardless of their employees All the jobs are going to India, Brazil and any countries they can exploit cheap labour. They have been miserable with profits and have given very little in the way of pay rises for years despite making billions of dollars. In fact the credit crunch has hardly put a dent in their share price.They are letting people go who have been working there years regardless of their service or contribution with very little warning or thanks. I think this guys last misguided deed was a final and fatal act of despair against the impending globalisation that we are only starting to feel the shockwaves of. This is a wake up call for corporations and their contempt for both their workers and country in their endless pursuit of profit and greed.

    4. Tonta says:


    5. Steve says:

      Tonta, what perfect country are you from?

    6. johnny says:

      haha steve. Good point. America is not perfect, far from it. But American tradition calls for progress. It is a progression of individual freedoms. Be patient, our country is headed in a good direction. 200 years is not a long time at all.

    7. kurdapia says:

      get your facts straight before you post things like this so you don’t make a fool of yourself. it’s people like you who cause shooting rampage like this one.

      fyi, no true filipino has a last name voong or woong or soong and the like.

      aside from malay, filipino last names are spanish, chinese or american (people who colonized the philippines).

      read history some more.

    8. khang says:

      “He is of Asian descent and I can tell you right off the bat he is not Indian or south Asian but more of the Philipino Korean variety”

      are you retarded? do you even know where the Philippines is? Voong is not a Vietnamese Surname, he is from the Hmong people. Not that it matters.

    9. jiang says:

      What variety are you Troy?

    10. vOoONG says:

      Voong did us a favor by killing these immigrants who came to America to take OUR jobs during a recession when American’s need these jobs in order to survive in OUR homeland and birthplace. Hispanics, stay in Mexico and stitch Nike soccer balls. Filipino’s, stay in your country and harvest beans and banana’s. Koreans and Chinese, work in your rice patties. These last few sentences need not apply to those ethnicities that were born and raised in the United States. Stay the F0CK out of our country and get jobs in your own country. Those people NEVER would have died had they just STAYED in their own country and found the jobs that are provided to them over here. THANK YOU VOONG FOR LEAVING THIRTEEN JOB OPENINGS FOR US HARD WORKING AMERICANS.

    11. bull says:

      Maybe he should have targeted those who outsourced American jobs instead of the poor immigrates. (I know, I know, it’s wrong to shoot anyone.)

    12. Nguyen says:

      Good and bad people are everywhere no matter where they’re coming from!

    13. Pete says:

      Listen to Tonta, stay out of america
      (we don’t want or need you)

    14. Pete says:

      …with that attitude

    15. jim says:

      The name has changed from Jiverly Voong to Jiverly Wong.

    16. Jiverly Voong says:

      Lets not be to hard on the fella

    17. 52YearOldMilVeteran says:

      200ish years is not long at all.
      Evil is what happened today back home (I’m from Elmira/Corning just up17 from Binghamton).
      One immigrant (Voong/Wong) murdered others and folks who were helping others – but this land that some of the BIGOTS here have made nasty noises about belongs to none of us, we are only the care takers of it, and we’ve been bad caretakers over the last 60 years bad at caring for the land and bad at caring for each other.
      Patriotism isn’t waving a flag and yelling “Get the Hell out!!!”
      Patriotism is doing the right thing, even when it creates hardship for your own family . . . the cowards of the last two generations haven’t been able to do that.
      So we harvest bitter fruit like today.

    18. Kyle says:

      Well, going from what I know of 34 years in America, ethnic ignorance (not racism) may be to blame for not knowing this mans ethnicity/background.

      America is not “racist”… it is a country of foreigners. Allowing ANYONE to become a citizen, yet hating someone because they are not an American, does not constitute racism… sorry, but it doesn’t.

      And, inquiring about the man’s ethnic background does not constitute racism either.

      However, if the US was like China (and former Nazi Germany), in which they try to create a one race society, while hating foreigners (those not of your race), THAT would be considered racism.

      China, by far, is the most racist place I have ever seen. It is a country in which being a “foreigner” is defined by your blood. Even if a white man marries a Chinese woman and she has his children… he will always be a foreigner. There is no “marriage visa” for China, it is a “visitation visa”. There is not even any law dealing with the process of naturalizing a “non-Chinese ethnic”.

      You can count the number of Chinese nationals, who are not Chinese-ethnics, on one hand.

      After being in China for six years, I can tell you… those in the US who scream “racism”, have no eartly idea what they are talking about.

    19. Barack Obama says:

      Yes, America is really racist because
      1) we have the most racially diverse country in the history of the world
      2) we have a minority president and
      3) allow millions of people to become citizens every year.
      Grow up idiots (Tonta) and go back to the cave you came from, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Go learn something and then come back to the adult table please.

    20. z says:

      sheshh where the killer comes from doesn’t matter. evil is evil regardless of his skin color. but to be honest i have never seen A vietnamese man in my entire life who resemble this guy’s look in anyway. In vietnamese dictionary, there is no such words, including names, as “Wong” or “Voong”.

    21. Skeeven Blight says:

      Wong is a Chinese name, it either means “yellow” or “king”. He is most likely a Chinese-Vietnamese who came here during Reagan’s “Open Door” policy in the 80’s.

    22. Daniel says:

      I think it’s best to leave race out of this tragedy…they are all human. The skin color may be different but the blood is still red. A murderer is a murderer and victims are victims, not matter their background. I may not know all the details and demographics may or may not haved played a part in this but there’s no need to turn this into another excuse to express bigotry.

      I don’t know why some people go off in comparing which country is most racist, a lot of it has to do with many other topics and sometimes personal opinion. I’ve personally experienced and witnessed quite a bit of racist acts in the US, it may not be institutionalized but it stilled hurt. Am I not allowed to scream racism? Why must I reject reality?
      However, I won’t denied that other places have worst acts too and the US is indeed the great experiment, abielt an on-going process like every other society goes through.

    23. Chu says, says:


    24. loveFact says:

      “She[Voong’s sister] told police that Voong was attending language classes at the civic center. She said Voong is a U.S. citizen and has been in this country for 28 years, ABC News reported.”

    25. loveFact says:

      CNN is so poor that it can not get the gunman’s name straight. On CNN site it still spells it as Wong, what a shame!

    26. Garrett says:

      this is what we have with runaway immigration. Crazy friggin chinks, murdering other immigrants. Time to close the border for good,and ship all recent non-white immigrants home.

    27. jenny says:

      he is definitely not filipino.

    28. Zard says:

      I think he is a Vietnamese of Chinese descent — His last name should be “Vuong” in Vietnamese and “Wong” in Chinese. I think he probably a naturalized US citizen b/c a lot of Chinese-Vietnamese arrived in the US late 70s and early 80s during the Vietnamese-Chinese War of 1980s. Needless to say, a lot of these former refugees are quite conservative and a bit biased toward new immigrants. If he did change his name to “Wong” — it pretty much summed up what he wanted to be — a “Chinese-American” — not Vietnamese-American.

      You would think the police/FBI should be able to establish his “immigrant” status by now.

    29. jenny says:

      why should whites be left here, what do you have that non white people don’t?

    30. Damn It says:

      The world has gone mad. This is the Nth time I’ve heard news like this in the past 3 months. By the way, psychos come in all colors.

    31. ftwom says:

      Anytime I hear of a tragedy of this magnitude, my first thought is not about the killer’s motives, his ethnicity, the definition of evil, etc. In the 70’s I represented an individual who one day took a rifle to the top of a bridge in our small town and killed 2 people on their sailboat. They were totally unknown to him. This man had been diagnosed and treated at various VA Hospitals for paranoid schizophrenia, a state that any medical dictionary will tell you is characterized by “emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations”. In the case of the individual that I represented, he had been having severe auditory hallucinations in an unmedicated state for several days prior to the killings. Most psychiatrists will tell you that the voices that schizophrenics hear are damning, shaming, commanding and unrelenting. For reasons as yet unknown to biochemists, those voices are obviously powerful enough to cause the afflicted individual to kill. Personally, I am of the opinion that it is a meaningless effort to inquire as to ‘motives’. Perhaps we would do better to delve into the mental/emotional background of the killer and ask ourselves why the mental health system lets someone like Wong go unnoticed, undiagnosed and untreated. In possibly every one of these type shootings, if you continue to follow the story once the headlines calm, you’ll learn that the shooter had a history of mental or emotional problems that were either never addresssed or were not being addressed at the time of the individual’s breakdown. If we want to stop this kind of incident, we need to take a very close look at why we do not devote the kind of resources to the mental health system that are required to adequately detect, treat and monitor individuals like Wong. The solutions are there; we need to realize that it takes more than wishful thinking in order to implement them.

    32. S Says, says:

      Good and bad people are everywhere,

    33. Basic American Guy says:

      Where do you guys get the time to talk crap.
      I work 3 jobs.

    34. Ash says:

      The pity is that Gun Culture is spreading also to immigrants embracing the American culture. At least in this case, the person appears to be Hmong, tradtional hunters in their country, and they react just like Whites – remember the Michigan case where a Hmong guy shot a bunch of taunting whites like deer in the forest? America has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s inmates behind bars. And it has 260 Million guns in this country. Do we have a future in America?

    35. Jeff says:

      Ash- it wasn’t a Michigan case. The Hmong man was from Minnesota (home to 50,000 Hmong) and the incident happened in Wisconsin.

    36. nick says:

      close the borders…………….this country has enough issues, lets start deporting now!

    37. Bobarian says:

      Yesterday, Henry Voong of Endicott was in IBM’s internal Bluepages directory, which indicated he was a non-IBM employee, a temp from Manpower. Today, the entry has been scrubbed.

    38. Jenny says:

      It was the Spanish, who invented the trans-Atlantic slave trade, after committing genocide against the native peoples of the lands now referred to as “Latin America”, they brought over more than 8 million African slaves, and virtually killed them off. The brownest skinned Latin American is culpable for this. China and India treat their poor as slaves, and in India, darker a person’s skin, the lower they are considered. India and Egypt allow to this day, their poor to be killed for profit. Arabs enslave their own people, and to this day sell little children into slavery, including child prostitution, and were also involved in the African slave trade, as were Africans themselves. The Portuguese were as well.

      Americans are fed up with their jobs being outsourced, and foreign countries who try and accuse America of protectionism, are the ones who are protectionist. China refuses to import American products, they only want our jobs. They heavily subsidize their own companies, and US companies that have moved there. South Korea tacks on a tariff of 17,000. dollars to the cost of any American car imported there, as well as all other US made goods. England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and all other European countries heavily subsidize their own companies to keep jobs there. India has more billionaires than any other country in the world, yet refuses to tax it’s wealthiest to provide help for their own poor, they demand the US give them 9 billion dollars in aid per year, even to this day. Last week, a lawyer’s group, decided to try a tactic to expose the hypocrisy of India’s outsourcing industry and Indian people on the subject. Indians have been demanding we outsource legal positions to India, so when the lawyer’s group requested India provide visas to lawyers from America, an Indian lawyer’s association screamed blue murder, claiming Indian jobs are not up for sale.

      US politicians are illegally taking money from foreign governments and foreign nationals to exploit our visa programs, and to induce outsourcing. Obama has illegally taken contributions from Indian nationals who seek to profit from contact with a powerful elected official. He refuses to make full financial disclosure. I’m not surprised that Voong, who did what he was supposed to do, and found he was being displaced, by cheap foreign labor to the point he could not support himself, snapped. Citizens civil rights are being violated, and our corrupt members of congress and the president seek to profit from not enforcing our laws and protecting citizens civil rights. The displacement of citizens in the workplace, harms citizens of all races and ethnic origins. The ones guilty of these murders, include Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Senator Schumer, the flip flopper Senator Gillibrand, and so many other crooks in congress, lest we forget, Governor Guiliani, Governor Spitzer, Governor Paterson, and so many others like them. They have blood on their hands, they created these despicable conditions, destroying citizens lives, pitting them against the cheap foreign labor they are paid to allow into our country. They need to be investigated and publically exposed, and prosecuted. Nor should we let the media off the hook, they deliberately provide cover for the corrupt politicians and corporate interests behind this.
      Racism and exploitative, hateful behavior is something known around the world. It’s not an American phenomenon.

    39. Paul Kersey says:

      Another mass murder in a government mandated kill zone, just like the government re-education camps known as the “public schools.”

      The guv’munt slave workers were unarmed, and of course the prospective guv’munt slaves were unarmed too.

      Only this “I hate America” fool was ARMED and look how effectively he slaughtered the sheep!

      I ignore the signs and mandates of this illegitimate government that spits on the Second Amendment. I will be carrying and I will be busting caps into the likes of scumbags like this VOOOOONG fool.

    40. Dan says:

      I think they should investigate why he couldn’t speak good English after being in the US for 28 years!!!!! Never heard of anyone failing to speak any language for being in that country for 28 years! He MUST have been mental for sure!

    41. Kevin says:

      I agree with Daviy. Why people keep calling him an Asian when we all know he was an American citizen, so why call him asian? He is an American!!. No wonder why he went mad, people are such of jerks sometimes. A country made of immigrants that later stereotype other immigrants. In USA we all dumb and close minded.. trust me.

    42. BUI says:

      These incidents will continue to happen if the government does not have a appropriate plan in gun control. You want less accidents on the street by teen-agers drivers, you make it tougher for them to get cars. The same with rampage killings and guns. We all should be scared coming to work every day b/c we don’t know what ‘s going to happen, no matter how safe you think you are

    43. Paul Kersey says:

      Yo Ash;

      “And it has 260 Million guns in this country. Do we have a future in America?”

      If you had been sliding in the blood and guts of of that room while Voong Man pointed his .45 auto at you…your last cry would have been “why didn’t I have something to DEFEND myself with?” At your funeral, your loved ones would be sobbing in their grief and asking WHY you were unarmed and begging for your life while this scumbag summarily EXECUTED you?

      Keep in mind too, even though that courageous woman faked death and dialed 911 immediately, the cops stood outside the door “waiting for reinforcements”, just like at Columbine High School.

      If people don’t defend themselves in these murderous situations, NO ONE ELSE WILL!

      The best way to defend yourself is with a gun.

    44. jp says:

      regardless of all this chatter,,,,the bottom line is it’s IBM

    45. DL says:

      Both “Wong” and “Voong” are Chinese name. There is no “W” in Vietnamese alphabet. Also, there is no such Vietnamese words/names containing two Os “oo” in the middle. There’s one Vietnamese last name that pronounces similar to “Voong” but spells out slight difference. It’s “Vuong”

    46. Lester says:

      It’s shouldn’t matter what race or ethnicity he is, what matters is what happened and how to prevent it. However it’s the mostly white-dominated news media that makes it a point to call him out as an ethnic immigrant and let’s face it we’re all immigrants in this country, even white people who’s ancestors came in on the Plymouth.

    47. jiberlyboong says:

      america foreign policy bankrupting and raping other people nations and countries, corrupting everyone around the world mostly non-white, enslaving them and take advantage of their talented and smart
      america do this to keep her number one, but hey what goes around comes around

    48. Iraprog says:

      The Binghamton shooter’s name is not even a Vietnamese name. Not sure why that is the ethnicity being reported, and it really should not matter.

    49. Mimi says:

      Some of your guys racial comments makes me sick!! For all you cowards that sit behind a computer and talk soo much trash about other ethnic besides whites are straight up cowards!!! It is true that its dumb that the news can’t even get the guys name straight and pin point what ethnic he is, but that doesnt matter, what matters that he killed all these innocent lives. We don’t know what trigger him and his motive is, but all we can do is pray for the ones that died and their family. Stop talking all these racial nonsense you ignorant people. We of all race makes what the world what it is today. Everyone is the same regardless of what color!!!

    50. Voong 2 says:

      to vOoONG
      well, americans should be doing the same thing. stay in your country and get the fuck out of korea, philippines, and china and other countries . you americans want to own the want to own saudi,you want to own the middle east because of the oil.

      if not for forein countries who work hard like mexicans who mostly do the constructions in your country,how about those nurses from different part of the world that has been serving your fuckin hospitals because you and your fellow americans cant even take care of your own parents and your only options is to throw them in a nursing home. Asians dont rely on foodstamps and the goverment. they work hard..

      count those white people that did the same thing as what voong did. and count those asians that did it… dont focus this issues on Asian only.

      FYI. voong is not filipino.

    51. BrokenBorders says:

      “The road that took Wong to his demise in a classroom at the American Civic Association in downtown Binghamton began 41 years ago and half a world away in Vietnam, where he was born into an ethnically Chinese family.”

      “Wong was ethnically Chinese but from Vietnam, a friend said Saturday.”


      Kyle posted: “China, by far, is the most racist place I have ever seen.”

      “Most”? That’s hyperbole. However, you’re 100% right that China is extremely racist, certainly more racist than the US. That’s fo’ sho’. There was a notorious incident a few years ago when few Chinese female university students went out on dates with a few black foreign exchange students from Africa. Male Chinese students actually rioted. LOL. Pretty breathtaking if you think about it. University students are the elite, the privileged, the educated, etc., and hence are the most liberal in any society. That they should riot about a few innocent dates says it all, particularly since China is still mostly agrarian with a peasant (redneck) population numbering around a staggering 900,000,000.

    52. BrokenBorders says:

      loveFact posted: “CNN is so poor that it can not get the gunman’s name straight. On CNN site it still spells it as Wong, what a shame!”

      LOL. Are you an über sensitive Chinese? Heh heh.

      Wrong. CNN is so poor, it’s still not calling him by his true ethnicity, his true identity: He’s Chinese. Of course CNN is also blatantly racist that it won’t call the Polish American guy who just killed 3 cops today “Polish American”. But they go out of their way to say Wong is “Vietnamese American” and “Vietnamese immigrant”. Wong is an American citizen, hence there’s no need to ID his country of origin just as there is no need to highlight the Polish ancestry. When blacks commit crimes, there is no need to show the picture, but they never fail to do so. Only in cases of terrorist incidents is it necessary to show a mugshot. But then again, with domestic (white, KKK, militia, high school boys,etc.) terrorists who set off pipe bombs all the time, they barely even report on it, much less show the mugshot.

      The quote immediately below is not from CNN, but CNN is saying the same thing essentially… (I’m too lazy to find a CNN article. I leave that up to you.)

      “A total of 100 rounds were exchanged between the police and the suspect, Richard Poplowski, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a long rifle and a pistol, Harper said.

      Two other police officers and Poplowski were injured in the incident. The suspect was in police custody.

      The shooting was the latest in a string of multiple shootings in the US in recent weeks. On Friday, a Vietnamese immigrant killed 13 people and himself in an attack at a community centre in Binghamton, New York. Two weeks ago, four police were killed in Oakland, California, in what was the deadliest day for law enforcement officers since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”


      BTW, stop calling Wong “Voong”. CNN was right on that point:

      “Wong, who used the alias Jiverly Voong, believed people close to him were making fun of him for his poor English language skills, the chief said. But police said the motive still wasn’t clear.”


      During a press conference, the Binghamton PD explicitly said “Voong” was merely his alias. Wong was his true birth name. Wong is one of the most common Chinese surnames.

    53. HSN says:

      America dont call him Terrorist why?
      because he is not TALIBAN?

    54. csg says:

      Thank you Mimi. This whole situation is scary and we all need to be supporting our families and working on being a better community.

    55. Summer says:

      There is a desperate attempt to seperate him from his Vietnamese ancestry…he is Vietnamese this has already been established. The Vietnamese community is running from this and trying to pull the rug over our eyes because they are ashamed to admit that someone of the same nationality could have a mental disorder.

    56. Barack Obama says:

      I’m so sick of people boo-hooing about race and how this or that person was oppressed hundreds of years ago. We now live in a society where you can do anything regardless of race. So get over it, stop whining, and move on.

    57. Rambo says:

      This guy didn’t work for IBM. Get the facts right. He is just another sicko. The media tries to spin this in every way to get more debate. Call them terrorists or whatever, they are messed up people that are part of society. The media encourages this behavior. Columbine, etc.. If they want to shoot somebody, I know a great place in Afghanistan.

      We, as the people, need to rise up against the media and non-compliant government. Lets solve the problems and not pass the burden on others.

    58. Ashley says:

      I am thoroughly appalled by most of these extremely rac1st and pointless arguments. Maybe Vuong was not crazy, but instead attempting to spare other immigrants the despair of living in a largely rac1st and prejudiced country alongside assh0les like vOoONG and Garret.

      Deporting people will not solve the problem. Maybe if people start treating other people like human beings instead of being so preoccupied with differences and closing borders it would not drive someone like Linh Phat Vuong off the edge. The real problem here is a lack of understanding and a lack of attempt to understanding. Stop all this ingroup outgroup bullsh1t, it does nothing but create false enemies and lead to unfortunate situations like this.

    59. Ashley says:

      And by the way if he was Caucasian would anyone be arguing about whether he was of German descent or Italian descent?

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