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Call Of Duty World At War Release Date

A lot of buzz around Call of Duty World at War (CoD 5). So much so that many gamers, and I am not only talking about hard core ones, are saying they cannot wait for this game to be out.

There is talk that this game is based around WWII. Well, I have got news for you.

The company behind the games, Activision and Treyarch has just announced that this game will take players into deep Pacific war theater and European grounds. The players will be put up to fight against enemies that don’t have the definition of surrender in their dictionaries. That these enemies show no mercy also goes without saying.

Whatever rules of engagement were followed in COD 4 are now being thrown out of the window. What this means is expect new stratagems and war tactics when it comes to the art of war. Its a new Sun Tzu basically all over.

This game also builds on popular features like co-operative game play, rich graphics, and of course brand new weapons!

Now the sad news.

The game is still in development for all the major consoles – Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC.

Hopefully the game will be released in December 31, 2008. And the game is even yet to be rated by the regulation body.

Until the game releases, all we can do about it is talk.

    28 Responses to “Call Of Duty World At War Release Date”

    1. Candy Summers says:

      The date is set between nov 2008 to feb 2009.

    2. Liam says:

      i cant wait im going to kick ass online

    3. Hixxy says:

      i can’t wait for this game, to try the new guns and to play co-op with mates it will be amazin i hope it can live up to COD4 standards

    4. Bodge says:

      its not call of duty 5!!! cod5 is coming out ion 2009

    5. me2 says:

      cant wait cause i want to get a ps3 just to get cod4 and cod5

    6. cod master says:

      look “call of duty 3” was amazing online, it was so much fun & that was set in WW2, number 5 is gona take the fun parts out of call of duty 3…online games like cap the with grafics like cod4 its gona b 10 times better!!!

    7. xGBx KiiL3R says:

      i think it will be quite good but i honestly can say treyarch are shit at makin cod id prefer infinity ward to make it cuz itz more fun.they shud do a poll for who we want to make the next generation ov call of duty to come.
      who would you guyz choose to make it people?

    8. mike says:

      cod 5 n 4 were mi favorite the other 1s were good 2 espically 1 ,2 n 3. in gamestop on a sign it said it came out(cod 5) nov 11

    9. goody says:

      i think that cod 4 is better because its set in modern times and i dont think the new one will be as good

    10. cotton says:

      i think cod4 is by far the best online game out, even better than halo. i have it on 360 and i play it constantly. i dont believe world at war or any other war game will be able to meet the expectations of everyone after seeing how unbelievable cod4 was online. i hope they dont ruin the online experience by taking out the team deathmatch and hardcore modes. anxious to see how well they can compete with infinity ward

    11. viper says:

      cod4 is the best online game ever. cod5 I’m sure will live up to all the hype. all they need to do is let me drive a tank in this game in vs mode. Game tag DIE SLINGER on xbox 360

    12. |xFrAnKx| says:

      cant wait for it. im second on ps3 cos i ownnn!!!.. damn person infront of me biatch.. dont worry i will be back !!

      Also add my account i play on now just until the new cod comes out..

      Ps3 Name : Kai_Vale

    13. Oh my word. says:

      oh my lord this will be intence im counting down the freakin minutes until this hits my xbox also known as samantha. my balls, they sag for that date.

    14. backburner96 says:

      man the Multiplayer beta for the xbox 360 is so good just wanna make me buy the real game

    15. backburner96 says:

      and cotton, they do still have hadcore td and hardcore seacrh and destroy. alos they have cature the flag and war which is like domination but with one flag at a time

    16. rayZer x20id says:

      Actually No. whoever said the cod series were crap was wrong VCoD (Call of Duty original) best game of 2003 most played game of 2003 and the expansion and itself were most played till CoD2 came out in 2005 and its still 3rd most played game in the world and CoD4 is the 2nd most played game in the world for computer* xbox it goes cod4 than cod2 WoW on pc horrible. Loool

    17. Tyler P says:

      the game comes out on November 11th 2008.

    18. Smoggy Bob says:

      omg i want to get cod5 right now, but i want to wait for the real game to come out. at first i thought that cod5 was gonna be crap, but after what i’ve heard about it, i REALLY wanna get it! 0_o but sadly infinity ward isn’t making cod5, because they got bought out!! but nevertheless, i’ll get cod5 and truly see if it’s awesome or not.

    19. Jefffff says:

      now , CoD4 IS a great game. but i really dont think its the best ONLINE game ever . I Personally, and i think anyone whos ever played it will bacc me up, think Battlefield: Bad Company is the best online game ever. Theres just so much more stuff to do. you can fly plane , drive humvees, and tanks . at least world at war has SOME of that stuff now.
      PS3 TAG: STAR978

    20. Ken says:

      Errrr I think what i am going to say may change the mind of you not going to buy cod Waw because they will let you fight against undead nazi zombies after you finish the can play solo or team up with 4 friends and you will be able to drive tanks . it will almost be all the same but with new modes and perks . ps : you can swim in this game.

      =) all hail all cod!!!

    21. Brian says:

      4 ppl fight Nazi zombie waves and get money out of this for new weaps!!

      ps. the 3 other ppl you play with plus you (4) are online players just like you!!! so you and your friend could last 1 min. or 5 hrs lol!!!

    22. Call of Duty Freak says:

      Its out Nov 14th coz of Publish Delay

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