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Move America Forward

A conservative group that is a lot in news these days. If you didn’t know any better, at first glance or thought it may appear that its a bi-partisan or non-partisan group whose agenda is to promote American interests and keep its superpower status intact.

You may be right in thinking about its it goal, but its make-up is towards the right of center and conservative.

The organization Move America Forward is a controversial conservative non profit political action group based in California in the United States. Through media-saturation campaigns that include television and radio commercials; lobbying politicians at the local, state, and federal levels; and by encouraging grass-roots activism, Move America Forward has sought to advance a conservative agenda that includes, but it not limited to:

– The removal of the United Nations headquarters from the United States,

– Recalling of state governors it deems too “liberal,” restricting what it terms “liberal” or “activist” media,

– The closing of the U.S.-Mexico border and the deportation of illegal aliens back to their country of origin,

– Move America Forward vocally supports and advocates the policies of the Bush Administration

Rush Limbaugh is set to appear in the latest Move America Forward Telethon. If you fancy conservatism, you might give it a shot.

The group’s website can be accessed from here. Melanie Morgan and Michelle Malkin run the website.

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