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Playstation Network Suspended


Today when players logged on the Playstation network they found out that the Network has vanished. Instead the gamers were greeted with a message stating: “use of Playstation network has been suspended.”

This means there is no online play for any games and one cannot visit the Playstation Store via PS3 or PC.

No doubt Sony executives must be getting an earful for this network suspension without notice and the whole online community must be buzzing with this concern.

However, take heart as there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong with the website and its not being converted from a free enterprise to a paid one. Its just a routine maintenance and upgrade. In fact those who have owned the system for quite some time might be even used to this downtime message.

This time the site was suspended for about 6 hours though it could take more. The tech guys are updating the OS to version 2.4 and what this means is even when the players log on to the system, they will have to spend some more time downloading and updating their machines to be compatible with the new OS.

Depending on how fast your network is, be prepared for the haul.

One thing Sony should keep in mind is that it needs to devise a better strategy on informing the users about the downtime so that its patrons are not left confused.

    6 Responses to “Playstation Network Suspended”

    1. gerv says:

      wtf im always online and that has never happened to me.

    2. Dave says:

      Look I have had the PS3 since March 2007 the day it came out. And this has never happend before other small update problems. I hope it will be up an running soo.

    3. Ben says:

      Currently having this problem. had it loads of times starting to get on my nerves but i have to put up wid it >=[

    4. rich says:

      Happening to me now!!! Say use is suspended hope its finished soon

    5. rich says:

      ben where you from?? its happening now at 18.08 irish time


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