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Vince Shlomi Arrested

Television show man Vince Shlomi, who is popularly known by his nom de plume ShamWow Guy was recently involved in a not so good incident when he was arrested in a brawl with a women.Vince Shlomi is the absorbent towels and food chopper guy who I see practically every day trying to pitch his products to millions of Americans and Canadians I guess.

He seems like a nice guy but what a stupid life he seems to be leading. The commercials must have made him phenomenally rich but here he is, alone and in a hotel in a place like Miami arguing with a women.

So when the police busted these two guys, they arrested both of them for creating a scene . Shlomi, 44, and Sasha Harris, 26, were both taken to the cop shop.

I don’t want to go into the details of what happened but its insane that he was caught by the police and came up with some sob story.

What do you think of the incident.

Vince Shamwow

Vince Shamwow

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    1. Gray says:

      Jesus Christ, the grammar in this article is atrocious.

    2. Lily Beuter says:

      The Bank of Japan wrapped up a two-day policy meeting by increasing its asset-purchasing fund to 55 trillion yen


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