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Rock On With Camp Rock


Camp Rock is a hollywood musical that primarily focuses on a teenager -  Demi Lovato – who desperately wants to spend time at a rock camp during her summer vacation. The twist is that she can attend only if she works as a cook in the camp kitchen.

The story becomes interesting when she is overheard singing by the camp pop star at the camp, and just by her voice, falls head over heals in love with here.

Reminds of Cindrella repackage here. The new century Cindrella who is poor because she cannot attend the camp as a student and instead of losing her shoe this time to the prince charming, leaves a snippet of her voice which proves a prince magnet.

Not revealing any more but if you have kids at home, beat the heat and summer by taking them for this movie. They might enjoy it.

On a different note, the get up is totally Orange County, CA. The skinny jeans became popular since its easy to skate board in them and what ever skate boarders do becomes a fashion .

So I think. I could be wrong.

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