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Ryan Moats Hospital Incident

This is a heart breaking story. NFL player Ryan Moats got a call from the hospital emergency room that his mother in law was dying. So he packed his family in the car and rushed them to the hospital. But on the way, very close to the hospital they encountered a traffic signal.

After making sure everything was clear Ryan broke the signal and continued to the emergency entrance of the hospital. But at this time he was followed by a cop Robert Powell, who signaled the driver to stop.

All said and done, I am with the cop here. The Cop was over zealous no doubt but he was performing his duty. Do you see any racial connotations in this?

More of my views on this soon.

    2 Responses to “Ryan Moats Hospital Incident”

    1. andrew says:

      You’re right it’s not necessarily a racial story. But it is a human one, and the cop blew it.

    2. CJ says:

      The polic officer totally blew it here. Yes, Moats disregarded the stop light, but no one was injured in doing so and there was a life of a loved one on the line. The police officer showed no disregard for that life and had absolutely no compassion or respect for Moats, his wife and their family. It is a shame that the police office could not have been a human being in this instance instead of playing God and giving a lecture. He should be placed on leave with no pay for a very long time to think about the injustice and hurt he has caused this family. Very disrespectful to say the least.


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