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Arthur Laurents West Side Story Revival

The thought that a melodious caper as good as West Side Story has to be renovated not only sounds fishy to me but even critically it would require a gargantuan effort. Who messes with this idea anyway. So now when I saw this new broadway musical by Arthur Laurents called aptly – West Side Story Revival Project, my philosophy was redeemed.

In a sentence, it was the biggest sham I ever saw and I will be surprised if others take a liking to it. This is a play that does not even lend itself to a debate. I am quite sure the prognosis would be similar but the intensity of ridicule may not.

The whole project of re-conceiving and staging was thought up by non other than its original creator Arthur Laurents. So even the greats of the art can have their hits and misses. And who is his/ her right mind would think of putting in Spanish in there?

91 year old Arthur Laurents recently gave us the super duper hit of Gypsy so at least the old man has what it takes and revival is not totally out of his league but West Side story seems an together different plane to cross.

Mr Laurents basically tried to make it more rugged by removing some of the jestery and instead of having the dock pier gangs he made it into the Jets and Sharks but this fell flat.

Did you by any chance read about it or saw it? What do you think. Meanwhile check out the man himself in a video below:

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