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Summer Grilling


Yesterday was the summer solstice in United States which in other words officially marks the advent of summer season here. Among things like getting a tan and wearing bright summer dresses, it is also the time to dust your grill and bring it out for the classic all American outdoor meal.

Grilling in US is an art and a ritual combined together. Especially the backyard grilling. Its the time to invite over your friends and neighbors and have some good food outdoors, all the while soaking some sun.

As opposed to what it means in the rest of the world, here in US, grilling means cooking food directly over a source of dry heat, typically with the food sitting on a metal grate that leaves “grill marks”.

I have listed out some grilling tips that would make your grilling experience more wholesome and fun.

  1. Store grilled vegetables in the fridge for up to three days as an easy way to have ingredients on hand for a delicious grilled summer salad. Vegetables don’t have natural oils, so remember to lightly coat the cut vegetables with Vegetable Oil or No-Stick Cooking Spray to protect the skin from drying and burning.
  2. Spray the cool, clean grill rack with No-Stick Cooking Spray before heating the grill to prevent food from sticking and ensure easy clean-up.
  3. To seal and enhance the natural flavors of food, spray or coat meat, poultry and seafood with Vegetable Oil or No-Stick Spray before seasoning.
  4. Shish kabobs are a simple, no-fuss meal, perfect for a quick summer dinner. Spray metal skewers with No-Stick Spray, so that cooked items will slide off easily.
  5. Meats, seafood and vegetables can steam instead of grill if they are too close together on the grill. To ensure even grilling, leave some space between items, whether on skewers or lined up on the grill rack.
  6. When cooking meat, such as steak, use high heat and turn only once or twice while grilling. This sears the outside of the meat while sealing in flavor and preventing sticking.
  7. Avoid puncturing grilled meats with a fork, which can let juices and moisture escape. Instead, use grilling tongs coated with No-Stick Cooking Spray to turn meat with ease.
  8. Fish has a tendency to dry out and break into small pieces when grilling. Brush on fresh lemon juice and wrap in aluminum foil sprayed with No-Stick Cooking Spray to keep the fish moist. If using a grill basket, be sure to spray the basket as well.
  9. Grilled corn on the cob is a perfect accompaniment to a summer meal. Spray corn with Butter flavor No-Stick Cooking Spray and top with your favorite spices for a simple and nutritious side dish. Use salt and pepper for a classic taste or give your corn a southwestern twist with chili powder and grated cheese.

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    1. Tarun says:

      You have me salivating there now!

    2. Lorry Hedlund says:

      Thanks for the grilling tips – Now are grilling will be even more enjoyable.

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      This has been and will be most enjoyabl throughout
      this summer. WoW!!!!!!!!!

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