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Harrison Ford Calista Flockhart Engaged

The old geezer Harrison Ford is all set to marry his long time girl friend and super model Calista Flockhard. Though love is supposed to be blind and all, I fail to see what the damsel could have seen in the old foggy bottoms.

You are probably thinking, why is it my business commenting on other people lives but these guys are public figures. But one good thing I could immediately spot in this is that both the partners in crime have been together for almost 8 years now. And that is definitely a healthy sign. But if they had such a beautiful thing going, why spoil it by getting married.

Maybe they want to make it more formal and acceptable to state laws since you never know when Harrison kicks the bucket. There I said it.

As of now, no wedding date has been set. But you can go ahead and congratulate the couple below.

Harrison Ford Calista Flockhart Engaged Pictures

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