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Quintuplets Lorena Puig Babies

Right at the heels of Octo-mom Nadya Suleman, we have another American Mom who is at the risk of being labeled Quint-Mom cuz she gave birth to 5 babies. Of course its way less than Nadya’s artificial feat, but its a mean feat in itself as well.

The babies were born at the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center and the press guy from that hospital had this to say – The babies are doing well and they were healthy. The babies were born within 4 minutes of each other.

The babies are going to be hospitalized for about 2 and a half months to ensure they are safe. The mother of the babies Lorena Puig had the babies for about 29 weeks and is also doing well.

Is American media and populace going to go crazy after this mother as well and donate a lot of money for the well being of the babies? I am skeptical but lets wait and watch.

Even if she is an illegal, I doubt if hospitals in US provide free treatment or whether they are allowed free treatment. When even the employed legal American citizens find medical coverage and treatment burning a hole in their pocket, I don’t see how American medical service can be of any benefit to illegals.

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    1. lasvegaslady says:

      I want to know is she a iileagal? will she beg for money? will she set up a webite for donations? what does her husband to for a liveing? Did medicaid pay for the medical and will they?to me this is no differant then nadya. and i hope just because she has a husband noone will be fooled. if he has millions of dollars ok if not taxpayers will pay again they pay for all of the multi births . none so far have been born with millions of dollars in daddies banck account. good luck to her children./

    2. lasvegaslady says:

      Does she have her own website? please post the link if she does.

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