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Freedom Of Religion

How much of a thing is a bad thing.

Dismayed at the pledge of allegiance, a group called Freedom from Religion Foundation has asked the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to drop mention of a deity from its “Oath of Allegiance for Naturalized Citizens.”

The national state and church watchdog made the request on behalf of several complainants seeking U.S. citizenship, who were not pleased to be confronted with a religious test for citizenship. The oath to swear in new citizens ends “so help me God.”

I don’t see any big issue worth fretting over in the above statement for believers, which usually majority of us are. The god here in the statement could mean any of the thousand and one gods that exist today. If could be your god, my god or anybodys figment of imagination god.

But can’t say the same for non-believers. it could be a problem for those who are atheists. However, could it be such a big deal that somebody has to lodge a protest?

Such are the kinds of issues one has to deal in a developed world. Its not hunger, illiteracy or epidemic but train spotting over unnecessary issues.

For a full brief on this issue, check out this page.

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