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Notre Dame’s Obama Criticism

So President Obama was recently selected by the Notre Dame university as its cheif guest and what this means is the president would be giving the commencement speech at the graduation.

Its indeed quite a good opportunity for the students of this university to hear not only a President of the United States speak to them but also one who happens to be the best orator of our times.

The kids over there are a lucky bunch.

Now as in any political statement, already there is a debate and controversy breaking out, out of this event. Although its yet to happen and Obama is yet to give a speech, many religious minded people are taking offense at the person being selected to make the commencement speech.

Notre Dame happens to be a catholic school and at the higher level it follows the ideology and moors of a catholic philosophy. One of which is towards the abortion. Being catholics they are totally averse to it and do not look favorbly upon anyone who supports the pro-choice principle. Including the president of United States.

Now, not only Obama is pro choice, but two figure heads in his administration, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, inspite of being catholics support Pro Chioce measures.

This of course doesn’t go down too well with some of the strong stake holders of the Notre Dame. Should a catholic institution be making favorable approches to those who disagree with its core fundamentals? Thats what the debate is all about.

Personally speaking, you can disagree with somebody over certain points, but you can find so many other points which you share in common and ties that bind you. In stead of looking for divisiveness, as some of the orthodox catholics involved with the university are doing, they should be glad that they are inviting such an accomplished and high achiever man as their commencement speaker.

Bottom line is, I am sure many Americans would be offended at some of the points raised by these catholic nuts and would have no love lost for them.

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    1. Anon says:

      The ND Univ officials are being douche. I am a Notre Dame student and we are happy to have Obama speak at the ceremony.

    2. norrish hall says:

      Catholic Institution of Higher learning should adopt the Taliban practice of excluding anyone who disagrees with their faith.
      Notre Dame should Not allow anyone to speak who shares a different view.
      There’s a lot of heretical influences out there. And young minds need to be protected from them.
      That, after all, is the mission of an institution of higher learning

    3. L. Pallos, PhD says:

      Hey, where is all the cultural sensitivity we keep hearing about, huh?

      Are Catholics not allowed to hold a moral view?

      Where is your ‘tolerance’ when you hold those who would try to abide by moral principles is such derision.

      If YOU don’t want to be Catholic, hey, I’M not forcing you to be… Nor is God.

      And as for the ‘Taliban’ trash… If NARAL were to give an ‘honorary’ degree or honorary anything to Governor Mike Huckabee, would you have to guts to call NARAL on their total inconsistency?

      L. Pallos, PhD


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