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Balaji Institute of Information and Management

SIMSR organized two day National Retail Summit (NRS) some days back. The conclave is a yearly affair and consist of programs that saw involvement from 110 B-schools as well as established industry titans.

This year, the discussion was held for about two days. First day the inter collegiate case study competition-Kurukshetra had been organized and second day had series of intellectual discussions.

Finally only six of the original teams were selected. The game plan for being selected was to build stable strategies for a retail chain whose business has come to a standstill. And the winning cash prize? A sum of Rs. 11,000.

The winning amount is peanuts if you ask me. You could make more if you concentrate in other areas.

Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) College, Pune was the alpha dog in this event and was declared the winner. The winning team was also given some sort of trophy. Good luck guys.

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