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AFI 10 Top On CBS

For those who missed it, the latest American Film Institute special, “AFI’s 10 Top 10”, counts down the Top 10 films in 10 genres today at CBS.

Jessica Alba will count down the Top 10 romantic comedies, Kirk Douglas the Top 10 epics and Clint Eastwood the Top 10 westerns. (Incidentally Clint Eastwood was involved in a spat with Spike Lee over the representation of blacks in the two war epics that he directed. Iwo Jima was one.

Spike’s grouse was that Clint showed no black face in his war movies.

Cuba Gooding Jr., haven’t seen much of him these days, will count down the best sports films.

If you stick around for the whole show you might see Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sigourney Weaver, Quentin Tarantino, Sean Astin, and Gabriel Byrne announcing for various genres of the art of movie making.

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