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Flip And Grow Rich

Flip And Grow Rich is a technique used in real estate and housing industry and even though it sounds easy to execute, there is a time consuming procedure to. And if you have some white hairs, you already know that in a time consuming procedure, anything can go wrong at any step. Even though a salesman can make it sound simple, there are pitfalls such that if you fall in them, you end up paying an extremely high price, like you might end up losing everything.

It means you basically buy properties on the cheap and then sell them for a high price. At a principle and fundamental level, its called arbitrage. You haven’t really created anything new but you have used some information in your favor. FTC usually looks disapprovingly at these practices so be careful when you either get into such schemes as a seller or a buyer.

So what does Flip and Grow Rich means:

But on the whole this art is called flipping the property. Its a different case altogether if you buy the neighborhood and then redevelop to make it high priced and then sell accordingly. Now you have value added to what you brought and you are selling on the high.

According to its practitioners, this is one of the really get rich quick schemes but they do not add any value. They just buy it and flip it to a higher seller. There are certain steps to this art and I am going to outline these below:

First step in Flip and Grow Rich

Chances are property is priced much lower than its current market value. This means that the property can be purchased at a relatively low sum and then sold, in very short time, for a usually much higher market price.

Second step in Flip and Grow Rich

Second step in Flip and Grow Rich is knowing and evaluating where to get such properties. From houses that have been foreclosed on by banks or other financial institutions to properties that have been defaulted on to estates that are available in auctions.

Third step in Flip and Grow Rich

Vouching capital to buy a property is the third step in this process. Some folks may think that it initially may need too much down payment. However, the owners of the above described cases are either property owners desperate to let go of the property or financial institutions like banks looking to get back at their potential financial loss.

Fourth step in Flip and Grow Rich

Finally, its important that whatever you have brought, you can sell it quickly as well to maintain your cash flow.

Personally, I would ask you to steer yourself well clear of these things. It takes a seasoned person to get into it and get out of it safely, profitably etc.

    76 Responses to “Flip And Grow Rich”

    1. Irish Masters says:

      I respect your opinions I really do, But in my opinion I think you are overlooking all the benefits of flipping houses and that those who have bad practices are only a few of us flippers.Right now houses our abundant becuase of bad loans from banks, Arms ect.. Its unfortunate people lose there homes but most of these homes are in poor shape and wont last much longer, Flipping helps solve many economic problems, for instance it creates jobs for the tough constuction fields,it also helps banks unload bad debt and free up cash for our economy it also helps the surrounding area recover from falling house prices when they have dropped so much, I myself Flip my houses green wich is helping to build new industry and stops the big builders from haveing another buyer get one of there cheaply made energy hogs.. Now i trully beleive speculation is wrong , its a free ride for a greedy person and the bubble it creates is negative, but I think regulation would solve this problem until then I hope I personally manage my own investments wisely without hurting others or americas economy.

    2. rick says:

      i just got flip and grow rich kit looking to make a change in my life for the better. Am looking for a guide to direct me in this venture so that it will be profitable for me and my family.

    3. Joe R says:

      I just saw program myself and am very curious. (I just had major surgery – removed a golfball sized tumor – benign- from my pancrease and am looking at 4 to 6 weeks recovery and lost my job July 1st) Obviously need something but am trying to see if this is real.

    4. Debbie says:

      I was listening to a talk radio station and they were advertising Armando’s FREE book, just pay the shipping. They sent me the whole program with work books and CD’s… I called to find out what was going on and they said I had ordered the complete program!!! They played back bits and pieces of my tape recorded conversation when I had originally placed the order, they tried to twist the conversation saying I agreed to all of this! I am returning everything now and will have to pay to ship all of this back.

      I can’t believe Armando is that desperate to take advantage of people like this…really tacky… I would never work with this type of business. Buyer beware!

      • Phoebe says:

        Debbie, darling there is not free lunch. Do not start a venture or business and think there are freebie’s. You can not buy real estate with $0 dollars even it the money is not yours. Bottom line, you could have said no! Also, I know for a fact that you will get your money back!

        • WIlliam says:

          I just ordered the system (the book and CD for shipping charges) and access to the on-line learning center for ~$70.00 per month (which comes with the ability to cancel at anytime). Based upon what I read here, I called back and CAREFULLY went over the program again to reassure that I was not going to be surprised. After about 5 minutes of questions that were patiently answered by the call center, I feel comfortable that I have not been hoodwinked, but time will tell. No one should enter any such activity (as flipping houses) if they are unemployed or otherwise desperate. This should be viewed as an investment opportunity; it has risks and it can have rewards. Anyone who believes you can get rich quick is a fool who will at least soon be parted with their money.

    5. Ah, Phoebe says:

      Phoebe, it’s okay to be a shill for the product, but at least READ what they wrote. No one said they “get a free lunch”. What they were promised was a free book and they are being taken advantage of, either knowingly or unwittingly. Lenders didn’t have to buy it, but he did and he’s screwed out of $1000, Debbie and William are pointing to a scam that’s illegal, plain and simple. You can’t charge someone’s credit card for things they don’t want.

      You may love Armando, but beware. When his castle comes crashing, you may be the one in cuffs.

    6. Lori says:

      I purchased the book, now I get two to three phone calls a week from them!!! Ugg!!! I just wanted to read the flipping book!

    7. Eric T says:

      I use to channel surf and come across Armando talking some poor old guy down on his rates when he needed work done, what a cheap a$$. I’ll just wait to find his book at Half Price Books, I need some good reading material for my bathroom. If I happen to run out of TP, his book is there to serve.

    8. John M says:

      I too almost believed the hype, but thankful all of you shared your experiences with Armando’s third party dealers. I have to concur, you can promote yourself having a stellar reputation on A&E all you want, but if you have people dragging your good name through a cesspool, as long as the seven figure income is coming in, what the hell do you care, right?

    9. Craig S says:

      Thanks everybody…I kind of figured that this was to good to be true! I almost took the plunge so to speak, but I read all fo the mishaps that come with this type of scam. I’ll do what Eric T suggests, get the book at half price books the give it a look see. Phoebe must hav a good stake in Armando’s scamming intrest, she defends it quite dilligently…Doesn’t she?

    10. pyotr says:

      I listened this morning, figured WTH. But there ain’t no free lunch – how is he a) paying for the printing of the book? and b) the half-hour commercial disguised as a talk show? If this is such a good deal, why is he going to give it to me?

      I’ll pass.

    11. RuKiddingMe? says:

      Umm, you must be joking….arbitrage? sorry, thats when you slice something up since the pieces are worth more than the whole…moron.

      Flipping frowned up? The guy is talking about buying a property at a discount and ADDING VALUE BY IMPROVING IT then selling it at ITS APPRAISED VALUE. Only the market can dictate what a property sells for.

      You really need to get your facts straight. Obviously this business is not for you and you should really not get into something you havent researched.

    12. Robin says:

      >I use to channel surf and come across Armando talking some poor old guy down on his rates when he needed work done, what a cheap a$$<

      I agree. Armando was constantly making people lower their price for their labor saying he "couldn't afford it". Then he goes and brags on how successful and rich he is. What a two faced jerk.

    13. curtis says:

      This is a simple the “buy low sell just below market tech. There dozens of gurus teaching this. Is it a scam? No it is not! Is it very hard to do? Yes it is! He gives his books & DVD away to get you to call. We all fall for the in our Sunday papers. This is the “hook line & sinker techq. I do this for a living & there is very good money in this but you need to put a lot of time to learn this. Marketing, attorneys, closing agents, realtors & ect.. are all part of this process.

    14. fraser says:

      All I can say is thank god for bloggs! You guys have made my decision easier. And Phoebe oops I mean Veronica, your not fooling anyone.

    15. Does it matter? says:

      Curious and Rukiddingme? have the picture in focus. I am in construction and I know a lot of people who have lost their jobs in this industry, from the VP of my company and several dozen co-workers that have been flipping for several years. Some of them are using the exact techniques Armando teaches without purchasing his book, because it works. Did I say WORKS?? Yes, this means that there is actually effort that will need to be applied. There is risk that will need to be taken. Those of you that are putting this down are the kinds of people that voted for Obama and support socialism. The book doesn’t teach handouts, it teaches capitalism and the freedom to work hard and recieve a return.

      Robin. In construction, we do things called bidding on a job. It requires negotiations with the payee or customer, who is actually able, in this country (still), to try to save more of their money to make more on their end. Just because Armando has the ability to negotiate with his trades / contractors and gets a lower price does not make him a bad person or this a bad program.

      To all of you that are looking for a quick buck – try robbing liquor stores or collecting my tax dollars at the welfare office. This will be your best opportunity – and then reap those benefits as they pave your future.

      To those of you who are looking for a better life for yourselves and are willing to work for it and have AVERAGE intelligence and survivor type AMBITION, start with his book – decide for yourself, and only you will know whether you are willing to put the EFFORT into making yourself RICH by flipping houses.

      Peace to those who still take hold of their Freedom to choose, and make the most out of their lives by taking personal responsibility – like Armando did.

      BTW, I am not flipping houses. But I am educating myself, as Armando advises – as did the VP of my company that IS flipping, along with those co-workers that got laid off in this recession. They had to crash course and take bigger risks. They agree with the advise given by Armando – educate yourself so that the water is not freezing when you end up in the deep end of the pool. Prep, Educate, keep positive and don’t listen to other people who are failures on bloggs – they will only keep you at their level, which is POOR. I will end up being successful at flipping houses, because, while I am employeed, I will be getting ahead of those that spew negativity, by educating myself.

      Nothing worth having is obtained without risk and effort – even the lottery, even robbing liquor stores, even flipping houses. Now go make an educated choice.

      • WishfulThinking says:

        Reading all of these blogs is making my mind sway back and forth.

        Does it matter: your post was perfect. Education is one of your best tools, along with related experience. I want to so badly jump right into this, and have always wanted to flip houses.

        Being only 24, having college education, and a dream to build a skyscraper, I thought engineering was my path to life. Sitting back and realizing how extremely hard your brain has to work with functions, and calculations, for the rest of my life doesn’t really do it for me anymore.

        Understanding my skills I’ve built throught my life; management skills, construction background, electrical background, personality builder, etc… I know I have the ability to make this work. Instead of hiring someone to renovate the house to flip I can do it myself to save even more. My only problem is comming from a family that has no savings. Living day to day, paycheck to paycheck. Having over $75,000 in student loans, no credit, and nothing saved.

        The knowledge, experience, skills, and determination are all alined, just the financial part is lacking. So I’m forced to wait.

        For all of you who have the money but lack the skills, education is your goal. Go read, become familiar, cause if I had your money id kill it out there. Thoes having no money or the basic skills required don’t bother to try this. They’re trying to rip people like you off just so they could earn easy money off you and never have to deal with you again.

        Like anything this is a business, armondo is adding this to his business plan in a way to make more money for himself…smart business tactics. Are there easy targets in this world…hell yea.

        If anyone knows how I could possibly get a head start on obtaining the funds id appreciate it, I’m one that lacks the skill of penny pinching and never knew how to save, but I’m will to now in order to change my life.

    16. Iva Longview says:

      This book has changed my life!! Flip and Grow Rich has helped me make $40,000 profit on 3 properties this year so far! GET THIS BOOK! TAKE AMRMANDO’S COURSES! If you put his program to practice and don’t give up, it will definitely pay off!! Don’t limit yourself!

    17. Marilyn says:

      These people prey on people who lost jobs and having hard time. If you do not have credit you are not going to get mortgage, also you can not purchase a home with out any kind of money, there is cost that you have to pay. So do not be fooled. I have tried many real estate programs, I am a realtor, we conducted a study, and Yes you guessed it, No way Possible. I would love to challenge them to be coach and prove me wrong. But several of US here in Texas, know U are a Fake.

    18. Not_Falling_4_it says:

      Watched informercial then hit computer typed in Flip This House Scam Rippoff and found this blog…great thing computer I check each TV offer 1st with this method and I have not been taken yet ! I really appreciate everyones input it keeps the field level. Not ordering the book !!!!!!

    19. Judy S. (In L.A.) says:

      Hi All, Well after watching the late night Armando Montelongo’s TV infomircials (on several channels!), I decided to attend a workshop/lecture/introduction to find out more . . . sure enough, they end up wanting you to buy their course of CD’s, DVD’s & attend a 9-5, 3-day course for about $1,000+ (I didn’t buy it, but got a free CD, MP3 player & a DVD + a boxed Lunch & Coke or two while there = not bad). I ended up going on and got his book for about $11. to read more info. + saw his 5 or 6 DVDs & 12 CDs course up for grabs at a much lower price to use = $49. & up, but not $1K there. Will educate myself about all of this then decide what to do! =Judy=

    20. sammy says:

      It is a whistle blow

      Armando Montelongo program is a scam. I went to this seminar; in the seminar he is selling a three day $1500 program.

      After the seminar I went and sat with the counselor to find out more by asking few questions.

      I went and sat with his counselor and asked the questions below.

      1Q) Does this $1500 program gives practical hands on sessions, but not giving an theoretical idea and asking us to do it? I gave a distinguish example procedure in words to prepare a stool or take the tools in hand and prepare it in the workshop.
      Answer from the counselor: Yes there will be three days classes with practical hands on sessions with a mentor holding your hand and guiding through it and get yours and mentor hands dirty on the job. The counselor said a mentor will be beside me to make a stool in the workshop.

      2Q) Does this $1500 program gives all the information about the real estate market, its strategies, how to find, fix, sell, finance and everything about the real estate?
      Answer from the counselor: Even you are new to the market, don’t worry. This program will teach everything about real estate from top to bottom and gives you a mentor to help along the way where ever you are.

      3Q) Is there any hidden cost other than $1500, down the road or at any moment for all the above program which the instructor is promising?
      Answer from the counselor: No there is no hidden cost other than $1500 dollars you are paying right now. For the amount of money your are paying you will get practical sessions, all strategies, Getting your hands dirty on the job, a mentor to guide you so that u can make a right decision to make a profit ,finding the property ,fixing the property, financing the property, and selling the property in a real estate.

      4Q) why is he doing it, explaining his hidden treasure and sharing his wealth to other people?
      Answer from the counselor: In his life he stayed in a car parking garage with his wife and children and he has no food to eat. He struggled a lot in his life, he knows how badly if u stay poor, so promised his wife that he is going to help people after he reached happiness in his life.

      5Q) How well this program fits a new guy in real-estate?
      Answer from the counselor: This program is perfect, with in limited time you will be wealthy.
      After hearing all the promises from Armando montelongo team I paid $1500 on my credit card and went to three classes.

      Not only the questions above I asked few more, which will still length this writing, so I wrote only important

      One the first day free seminar class where Armando’s team is selling $1500 three day package, his team promised everything whatever I said before and didn’t even gave a simple clue that this is just a partial fee and the total package cost is $30000.If by any chance Armando counselor expressed that, before paying $1500 I would have never got into this at all.

      Armando’s team framed this total program in step wise how to get too much money into their pockets, without even giving a small clue that it is a Ponzi pyramid.

      I talked to few people in three day class, they expressed it a disaster, and they wouldn’t got into this if they know earlier it is an expensive course. The few people in the class, who I talked, felt the same way.

      Hear this /Read this:
      In all the classes Armando Montelongo team didn’t even explain clearly one strategy ,but showed pictures of their family members vacationing in beaches, riding motor bikes, pictures of ugly homes buying for small amount of cash and selling for
      big profits, how to cheat people by setting different layers of land trust so that nobody can sue him, how many credit cards he has, how to apply for credit cards, how you will be left with lot of debt after taking university approved (like nursing, engineering and other etc) courses which are government backed programs and lots of nonsense stuff.

      And on the second day evening after coffee break Armando’s team broke the silence saying the total package cost is $30000 which will give you everything about real estate a mentor to guide you, a first property with hands on session and much more promises promises and promises.

      On the second day program, afternoon around 1.00 pm before breaking silence about $30000 they made the classroom fill a financial assessment and consultation sheet. In that sheet they asked lot of questions about how many credit cards you have with limits, your bank balance, your address of stay and so much personal information. I got scared by looking at it but finally filled that sheet (You know why I filled it “a stupidest idea stuck my mind, may be by looking at that sheet Armando team might help me work on hot real estate markets by seeing it”)

      Second day after the coffee break (around 4.00 pm) as I heard about $30000 I got shocked, couldn’t take a breath. A guy sitting beside me started cursing and he got sick and left. I could explain how bad my state is. I couldn’t drive my car properly back home after the class, couldn’t eat for few days, debt left on the card, hard to swallow the truth, and couldn’t explain clearly to my wife, lot of stress. I got really upset and to tell you the truth that $1500 I have to spend on my health but I paid for Armando lies.

      After lot of people attending one day free seminar class and hearing Armando Montelongo team promises approximately 160 people paid $1500 and attended the three days In those three day classes I have seen lot of senior citizens, disabled, Minor who is 17 years old and people who does not know nothing. Armando team made approximately $1500×160 count =$240,000 on those three days. I don’t know why federal, state
      Governments couldn’t stop Armando team. There are just bagging poor people like me by telling lot of false information, lies and misleading.

      Please somebody stop him. I am giving you the worst part they have lot of my personal information by that form I filled on the second day. Three counselors from Armando team called me offering different packages at different levels, one Counselor
      called from a Texas phone code, second counselor from New York phone code and third counselor from California phone code.
      Is Armando Selling my personal information too? I am sorry I don’t want to mess with them.

      Few more hints I am giving you: The $30000 package is called a bus tour which he will make lot of promises on that tour too but nothing written and signed legally by him. A comfort bus will have approximately 38 to 42 people on board. So a full bus
      is making him $30000×38 people count =$1,140,000 . WOW one million dollars, oh god please lawyers stop him.

      This is true, I hate to write .Readers please think about it .If I am only one feeling the pain ignore my writing, if not please god help Armando Montelongo to understand my pain and teach him some good values.

      Excuse me Sir Armando Montelongo, if you are reading this letter I don’t think you are feeling my pain, but it’s true SIR. I pray god to give you good mind set. Sorry for this letter. Sir please doesn’t say in your seminars that you are helping people and use a family sentiment drama.

      Is it a scam or not?

    21. RO says:

      YAY to the positive feedback!! It is just another “proof” to my belief that positive + positive = positive. I have just finished the book and NOWHERE did I see anything written that if you sit on your couch/computer and look for negative feedback, will you miraculously gain riches. I did, however, see something that I have seen and read over and over again in many books, blogs, and various personal accounts of various successful men and women…if you work hard, learn what you need to learn -and then some – see the signs, look for opportunities, speak up, ask questions and keep your eye focused on the goal, and again, WORK HARD, you will come out on top. Nobody ever got anywhere better than where they are without taking a risk or by giving up, period.
      If you believe that something is impossible, it will be for you.
      I don’t care what someone is selling, there’s always something in it for them. If you honestly believe that anyone does anything for free, you’re crazy. Wise up…if you don’t want the information, don’t buy it.
      Does it Matter? has it exactly correct…

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