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New York State Regents

New York’s education head pushed testing as reform.

Everybody hates the tests and especially those which throws up winners and losers. Going by how sensitive the parents have become these days, no body wants to declare a child a failure in these exams. And hence, little tommy has to pass. No matter what. Even if junior lacks basic reading or maths skills.

Going by the state of New Yorks example, it’s one of the most intriguing and noble stories about state government over the past dozen years.

Richard Mills, the state commissioner of education, and his quest to improve educational standards in the state.

But the more important issue is what direction the New York State Board of Regents will want to take the system in the future. The naming of a new commissioner, whenever that happens, will be a critical step.

If Mills has demonstrated anything it’s that the Commissioner of Education is a powerful job, even though this state is saddled with a hidebound bureaucratic system.

At least he deserves credit for being willing to take on the entrenched interests. His tenure has been one of consequence, even as it’s been controversial.

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