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Where Is My Stimulus Check

Obama administration has passed a record spending bill in the history of, not only United States but of the whole existential civilization since the time it has been documented. Its a record 787 trillion dollars of spending in various categories with the idea to make it easy for Americans and to bounce back the hard hit American Economy.

But the most important question that every tax paying, hard working, honest, patriotic to the bone American is wondering and wants answer to is –

Dude, Where Is My Stimulus

I have compiled a lot of info by scraping the internet. A one stop place for comprehensive information has been outlined below for your convenience.

To find out if any sort of schedule exists for the stimulus package checks, check this out Stimulus Check Schedule.

If you just lost your job, medical for you and your family is the paramount question. To know more about unemployed medical coverage in the stimulus plan, click here Cobra Insurance. One more article for FAQ style here Cobra FAQs.

Buying a house has never been more lucrative in this bad times, but the government made it even more tempting. Check out the 8000 Credit for first time home buyers.

But that’s not all if you happen to be in California and planning to invest in a house, there is a 10000 tax credit for home buyers. No minimum criteria for this even.

If you think American way of life is going to get badly hurt by this bill, check out the Pork Projects and Earmarks in Stimulus Bill.

Last but not the least, if you are a family owned small business, this might grab your fancy – Small Business Stimulus Plan

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