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Jodi Sanderholm Trial

The story of 19 year old college sophomore Jodi Sanderholm is a tragic one. One fine day she found herself abducted by a man called Justin Thurber who first violated her and then strangled her. Justin Thurber then proceeded to dump the body in a meticulous pre-mediated manner thinking he would get away with it. But he was wrong and the long arm of law eventually caught up with him.

During the much publicized case of the State vs Justin Thurber, it took the jury no more than 4 hours of deliberations to come out with their verdict. And the verdict was the ultimate capital punishment. The state was tasked by the jury to take the life of Justin Thurber.

The family of Jodi Sanderholm was content with the justice meted out and wanted the state to do its part. And the state will. But here is a new twist.

Jodi Sanderholm Murder Trial

In future, they may not. Because of the worsening economic condition, the state thinks it does not make economic sense to give capital punishment as an average death penalty in the state cost the exchequer 1.26 millions. And the cost of keeping the inmate in jail forever? About $740,000.

Wow. I didn’t know the government has all these figures at hand and it seems like some stupid consulting company is pushing out these statistics but I may be wrong. If asked the same question, I am sure most of us would answer in a blink of an eye that it is more expensive to keep the inmate in jail. You has costs like prisons, prison guards salary, food, clothing, medical etc. Where as if you give them the electric chair, the electricity bill expense is the only thing I can think of. (I am sure the govt has valid explainations).

So coming back to the trial, Kansas judiciary committee spent two days pontificating on this issue of whether state should abolish the death penalty to save money–and instead send people like Thurber to prison for life.

What do you think about it? Personally I stand for death penalty in certain cases. I think govt should, instead of abolishing the death penalty, work on bringing down the cost associated with flipping the electric switch.

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