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Caroline Stitcher

Caroline Stitcher

Caroline Stitcher

Deerfield PD is soliciting help from the public in the hopes of finding a missing teenager girl who was seen last Friday.

Caroline Stitcher, is a 17 year old who goes to Deerfield High School and was last seen wearing a red swearshirt, red shorts and black jogging tights.

Caroline Stitcher is about 5 foot 3 inches tall with head full of blond hair. She has blue eyes. Caroline was often seen running in that particular area from where she vanished.

If you have any information or you had last seen her somewhere, I would recommend you come forward and pass on that information to the police.

Help Find Missing Deerfield HS Girl Caroline Stitcher

You never know which information might come in handy to get back Caroline from where ever she is. Also, do keep her in your prayers.

I am sure many of you on this page are from the same city as Caroline or go to Deefield High School. If you would like to say something, use the form below for a shoutout.

Updates: The missing teenager has been found. Caroline returned home albiet without her shoes. At this moment the family or the police have not released any information besides this regarding where was Caroline or whether she was kidnapped or held against wishes. Also, we don’t know if she was assaulted or harmed in any manner.

But we will let you know when the information is released by the family.

    14 Responses to “Caroline Stitcher”

    1. michael says:

      where was this girl found?

    2. Anonymous says:

      My friend is Caroline’s cousin and he had flown from here in Ohio to help her search. He had called us last night and said that she found her way home but without her shoes. That’s all he told us because he had to go to the hospital to see her. I hope this helps answer some questions. The news of her return has been released on many other sites.

    3. lily says:

      now do you know where she was found or what happened to her?

    4. anonymous says:

      Community search for missing girl and then she comes waliking hone the next day and no info is released. Why is everyone so tight lipped about this? What happened? Even the news media says nothing!

    5. Jenny says:

      Can they please tell us what happened??? This is rediculous, a lot of people

    6. Jenny says:

      Can they please tell us what happened??? This is rediculous, a lot of people went out for the search and we want answers, and if someone abducted her then we need to know about it to keep our children safe! HOW SELFISH OF THEM!

    7. Anonymous says:

      First of all, I respect their privacy, but over 2,000 people dropped everyone to find her. We deserve answers.

    8. mom of 2 & copwife says:

      My police officer husband spent many hours (paid and unpaid) looking for a missing child, who as he said was his own, as many of the other police officers were feeling (you see most of them are parents & their fears escalate in these circumstances…. under the “could be me or mine” clause) We are the parents of 2 teenagers, we live and have both grown up on the North shore, and my fabulous cop husband is employed by two of the police departments who were involved in the search. What people need to realize is that when someone (especially a child) goes missing, numerous neighboring municipalities offer assistance. We are blessed to have this. More importantly we have been more than reassured that “This is NOT a Public Safety issue” If any additional details needed to be publicized, I guarantee you they would be or would have been. As of today my younger teenager spent 3 hours “hanging out” the older one is finishing his honors english project and headed out for coffee after (Thank You Starbucks). The Answers, a 17 year old girl went missing, she was not out partying or hanging/hiding out with a boy….. she WAS lost,NOT ABDUCTED, NOT MOLESTED and thankfully she found her way home. Please have faith and give thanks to all of the police departments who assisted in the search……. then go hug your children and be thankful that none of our communities were violated ( in this day and age that IS a blessing)

    9. mantus says:

      LOST!!! really not to sound rude but if this is the case then she is stuped. How the hell do you get lost. i live in this area, that is BS. Why no shoes, i know if i was lost im not going to take off my shoes. That is rediculous to even try and beleave

    10. Jenny says:

      Lost? I dont think so. no shoes ok she was definately lost mmmhm…what an idiot to think that

    11. .... says:

      You guys may not tell anyone i told you this. I know her. She came home and was not able to talk or move. Thats all i can say.

    12. Jason says:

      I know her personally and she and all of your children are fine. You’re the stupid one for not even spelling stupid right. She WAS able to move and talk; how the hell do you think she got home? Please respect her privacy on why she left because it had nothing to do with any safety issues. WET SHOES ARE A BURDEN! Snow made running shoes wet. Drop it and leave her alone. Think before you speak for God’s sake!

    13. tasha says:

      lol if aint nobody saying anything this is prolly wat went down so she must have went to this really cool place called a rave had the time of her life and lost her shoes on the dance floor and walked home from the rave man it sure is like ur lost from the time the night starts till it ends lolol


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