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Mets Get Trot Nixon

In New York there are two very famous baseball teams – Yankees and Mets. If you ask a New Yorker about his her favorite team, it would be either of the two. Those who love Yankees, can’t stand the Mets and those who root for Mets have no love lost for Yankees.

My workplace is all Mets. I haven’t taken any sides but considering Yankees stadium is closer to my place than the Shea stadium, I obviously feel more inclined towards the Yankees.

In a breaking news, Mets have added Trot Nixon to their lineup. Mets got Trot from Arizona. General Manager of Mets was heard describing the addition of the new player to the team as a trade that improves the team and the clubhouse.

Mets bagged the outfielder Trot Nixon from the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday for cash or a player to be determined.

It would be interesting to see who that player will be.

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