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Movie To Watch Out For – Dasavatharam

This is one of the exaggerated extraordinary moments in the history of cinema. This is when Dasavathaaram, the source of Kollywood’s pride and its magnum opus too, is all set for its grand opening in theatres across the world. Made at hefty budget with evergreen Padamshree winner Kamal Haasan adorning ten different characters, Dasavathaaram raises a toast to mighty Hollywood too. (By making fun of it actually)

And as you may think, what these roles might be?

Ardent Vaishnavite Nambi, American President George Bush, schizophrenic old woman, Japanese martial arts teacher, Punjabi ghazal singer, young Dalit who fights for justice, American youth armed with dangerous weaponry, eight-footer, innocent Muslim, scientist, CBI official Bhoovaraghan whose Tamil has a funny twang – it is Kamal, Kamal and only Kamal who fills frame after exquisite frame in Dasavathaaram.

You have to see this movie to believe it.

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