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Oregon’s 1900% Beer Tax Hike

Tax hikes during tough times is common. But who in his right mind would propose a 1900% jump in the tax rates. And that too for beer. This sounds like a third world country tactic where government still thinks drinking beer is a luxury and hence should be taxed in a crazy manner. Give me a break.

Alright now lets cool down and look at the bill in a more logical manner. 1900% may sound like a lot but in absolutely numbers maybe be a small jump. For instance, something on which the tax is lets say 25 cents, now if you increase it to lets say $5, that would be a phenomenal jump percentage wise, but in absolute numbers many men would complain initially but soon set into a routine.

Of course you will definitely see an overall decline in the numbers of pints consumed but government revenue wise the effect would to be observed to come to any conclusion.

Oregon Beer Tax Leaves Beer Lovers Fulminating

So the crazy politicians of the state of Oregon have come up with the idea of a 1900% beer tax to balance the budget deficit in that state. Oregon is one of the bluest of the blue states. Meaning it could be democratic and it could be a blue collar as well.

The economic crisis in the country is now percolating to the individual states and hitting their bottom lines critically. This is distrupting their plans for not only tax refunds but even to meet their pay rolls. So to handle this contingency, legislators in the state who’s motto is “She flies with her own wings”, have proposed a “sin” tax on beer that would raise the cost some 1900%.

The proposal is Oregon house bill 2461, and brewery houses in Oregon are none too pleased. According to them the price hike that large could effectively paralyze the industry for good. This bill would mean a $49.61 tax on each and every beer barrel produced by Oregon breweries. Something nobody in his right mind would be saying cheers to.

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