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Gerry Niewood Unfortunate End

I am sure you recall the plane that crashed in Buffalo few days ago. That was quite shocking. But according to the emerging news there were some celebrities also flying that plane and who were involved in the unfortunate plane accident.

Two band members of the Chuck Mangione’s group were among the passengers who were flying in that plane that met its end in the Buffalo home.

Gerry Niewood & Coleman Mellett

The agent for the renowned jazz group said the band member identified the two from the band as Gerry Niewood and Coleman Mellett. The remaining band members have expressed shock. Apparently there was some show scheduled in Buffalo which now has been canceled.

This is indeed quite a story. Please leave your condolences. I will update the article in case a band member or agent lets me know about the services and funeral schedules.

Check out a youtube video of the band to listen to their songs below:

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    1. Steve Surprenant says:

      I was planning on attending the Chuck Mangione show on Friday, 13th of February at Kleinhan’s Theater, when I heard the news of Gerry’s and Coleman’s deaths. This is a sad and tragic loss for many. It’s just so sad. But life goes on – with the loss of two excellent musicians.


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