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Gifted Hands Of Ben Carson

Ben Carson Gifted Hands

Ben Carson Gifted Hands

I just saw this movie Gifted Hands – The Story Of Ben Carson starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and it was amazing. Its one of those made for TV movies which you catch hold for 5 minutes while channel surfing and before you know it, you are hooked. Lucky for me that the movie was premiering tonight on TNT.

Spoiler Alert

When I started watching it, I did not know what the movie is about or who is it about. I just saw a black kid who wins the spelling bee and the white teacher is not excited about it. Since a lot of Indian kids have won the spelling bee lately, this minority should probably realize their fight was fought by the blacks so that nobody else has to fight it.

So anyway lets not get distracted. By now you can make out the kid who won the competition is smart and has an intelligent ambitious women in the form of his mother behind him. So this guy works hard, has talent, gets accepted into Yale, becomes a neurosurgeon, performs some pioneering neurosurgery and trail blazes down the unbeaten path.

I mean its a movie about an exceptional guy and its been told in an interesting manner. But the fact that the protagonist is a black, perhaps just like the new president Barack Obama who was also egged on by his mother/grand-mother, makes the parallels exciting. Its the time of the black man.

But coming back to black power, the minorities in US owe a lot of them. The blacks fought all the battles for rights and uniform rules in the society. That is something that has not been spoken about or appreciated by the other minorities in the country like Asians (from China, India, Philipino etc),  Latinos etc.

Another thing to notice is, this is only movie that I have seen shows a direct co-relation between shutting down TV in the household and better school performance for the kids. Perhaps the parents ought to learn something from it.

And last but not the least, Cuba Gooding Jr has done a phenomenal job. If you remember, his last good movie was Jerry Maguire ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!’  and after that it was all down hill. He is a very good actor but perhaps he need to make better judgment when it comes to selecting the scripts that compliment his skills set.

All in all, this movie is a must see.

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    1. mackenzi says:

      Excellent critique about the movie. I was channel surfing and got hooked also. And it’s very true what you stated about other minorities benefitting from blacks. I heard a saying once: “blacks knocked down the doors of inequality and other minorities walked on their backs throughh those doors”. I think it’s rare that other minorities recognize and publish their thoughts on this, so my “hat” is off to you.



    2. chat girls says:

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