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Emperor’s Toxic Clothes

If you have been a habitual user of fabric softeners, then take note. This could be extremely important for you. According to available media reports, fabric softeners are some of the most toxic products that have been manufactured for house hold use. Check the out the chemicals they contain – chloroform, benzyl acetate and pentane. These chemicals can cause multitude of illness known to mankind like cancer, damage lungs, brain, nerves etc.

Now the double whammy is, if you heat these chemicals, they cause even more harm. If you thought that was all, there is a third whammy in this. Fabric softener chemicals when heated stick to the clothes and release their effects for a very long time. They slow reaction and release of chemicals into the air affects the well being of not only those who are wearing the clothes but also affect the people around them.

So if you have been affected by this, how do you find out? In other words what are the symptoms of issues cause by such toxic fabric softeners.

Tiredness that is not cured by resting, difficulty breathing, nervousness for no known reason, difficulty concentrating and remembering, dizziness, headaches, sick stomach, feeling faint, rashes and/or difficulty controlling body movements.

What adds to the damage is that many fabric softeners have aroma added to them, which makes them even more harmful.

What I find surprising in all this is, what were the government regulation bodies were doing all this time. How hard or easy it is to find out the damaging effects and then issue an advisory against such products. This whole thing is insane!

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    1. Helene Smith says:

      I cannot even live comfortably in my apartment, due to sensitivity to such products. The strong dryer exhuast created by neighbors’ toxic laundry products seeps into my space through the back door (as it is, i have to wash out each washer and dryer before use).

      Really, isn’t it time for governmental regulations? How do we get this going? I’m on board!

    2. Geneva Hagen says:

      I have a similar problem in my own apartment, which is next to the building laundry room. If ever there was a non-essential product, fabric softener is it!


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