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Whats going on with this Gushcrop. I know some people like to refer it to as two words as in Gush Crop but I am surprised that suddenly its at the top of the charts.

Sometimes back, I was clueless about this entry and now I know something about it. But if you have any interesting perspective, then leave a shout out below. I am sure many readers would like to know more about Gushcrop.

What is GushCrop

An online seller for substance that one usually requires a prescription for.


I would ask you to be really wary of Gushcrop. If somebody is promising free stuff and asking you for all details, it sounds like a deal that is too good to be true. So it might not even be true. Remember a lot of these things need prescription and cannot be had just by anyone over the internet for free. And if you are based in US, as I suspect you are, you are in effect stepping out of line.

Secure Transmission

Another thing, when buying stuff on the internet, since the transaction usually involves your credit card number or other sensitive details like login/password, all sites use Secure Transmission Protocol. You can ensure the site you are dealing with is secure if it has https:// prefix. Generally its just http:// for regular browsing but when transactions are concerned and better security is paramount, there is the HTTPS protocol.

So be careful and be fully aware of what you are getting into.

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    1. eeek says:

      I think google was hacked today.

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