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Plane Crash Involving Piper PA 34

A small plane which fit the description of Piper PA 34 Seneca had a tough time staying on course given the terrible snow weather. Its pilot soon resorted to the mayday call reporting his plane to be low on gasoline before it crashed in West Virginia. Everybody on board was killed.

The unfortunate tragedy left the plane completely destroyed according to the National Transportation Safety Board investigator Brian Rayner.

The force of collision was so hard that the engines were separated from the wings, which were broken in several places. The cockpit area itself was severely deformed and a cable was entangled in the wreckage. There was no war short of miracle for anyone to have made it live.

The prayers are with those who were involved and their family members. Did you know anyone from this flight?

On a related note, this gives a sense of perspective on the job Captain Sully did for the US Airways fligt when he landed the plane in the Hudson river.

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    1. slawek says:

      all of them were from chicago form my flying club… american polish aero club . in chicago…. may the rest in peace…..


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