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Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Democrats have finally launched a petition against Rush Limbaugh. I don’t see what the beef is with Limbaugh. The more time you spend fighting him, the more you serve his purpose. Ignore him and you take his oxygen away.

Fight Rush is like fighting with a pig in a smelly marshy bog. You get all dirty but the pig is having a whale of a time.

Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh

And who in heavens name cares about hot air like Rush Limbaugh. Alright so he has some following but I give two two hoots about it and so should Obama. After all this guy (Obama) won the popular vote! Do something stupid and you are going to attract some nuts on the fringe no what matter.

But by going hammer and tongs after Rush, Democrats are making idiotic conservatives like Rush mainstream and feeding this parasite. The more nonsense he spouts, the more lightly and humorously the Democrats should take him. Obama won the elections for chrissake in spite of all venom guys like Hannity and Rush had to spew. So whats the worry?!

I don’t approve of this Democrat approach. I think the best strategy would have been to not show your irritation with Rush, make a joke about how nonsensical Rush is and is not worthy of a serious comment, and the whole controversy would have died by itself.

    6 Responses to “Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh”

    1. Ian says:

      Fight Censorship, Leave Rush alone

    2. canman says:

      kind of out of context, don’t you think

    3. Lisa says:

      Censorship is exactly what this is about!

    4. hammer says:

      i think that obama has nothing to do with being elected pres. if michael mouse ran he would win. the people are tired of the same old elites. an independent party would do wery well in the next round.

    5. Dee says:

      Don’t the same rules apply while we are at war when we have a new President???When Bush was in office, the press could not make any derrogatory comments about him. They even took a tv show off of comedy central. Now that a democrat is in office, sky’s the limit and it’s censorship if people defend him. When Bush was in office it was your God given right to defend him at every turn while we were at war…remember? Also, the last time Rush made a big mistake and ran off at the mouth about a professional football player was when he was abusing prescription drugs. Is history repeating itself Rush??

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