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Willis McGahee Injury Report

Honestly speaking, If I had Ravens running back, who happens to be in spotlight these days – Willis McGahee – in my team, I would be extremely worried. From whatever reports I could find on the internet, media, TV etc., my impression is that Willis is still suffering from “significant amount of pain in the neck”. However on the bright side, he has regained movement in his limbs. Willis can now flail his arms and legs and that’s a positive development.

McGahee’s head coach John Harbaugh also had good feedback from the doctors who have been attending on the Raven’s sports star. Right now the word in the locker room is that the injury is not career threatening for Willis. But still, I would request the fans to keep Willis in their prayers (or toasts where even your denomination my lie).

So if you like this guy, take heart in the fact that Willis is “neurologically intact” and that’s a miracle in itself considering the vicious collision he had with Steelers safety Ryan Clark in the concluding minutes of the game. Also, McGahee spent a night in the area hospital but now is back home.

Injury and Willis McGahee have been best of pals. These two are certainly not strangers to each other. His best of fans may blame it on injury but Willis hasn’t had a good season any way you look at it – a disappointing 671 yards in 170 carries.

Willis McGahee Injury Report

So lets look at the time line and different injuries that Willis McGahee had to face that forced him to miss games. Willis started the season with a knee surgery that kept him out of the training season. Effect? He had a slow start and it contributed adversely to his stats. Then sometime later, he got a cut on his eye lid against the Browns. Next on the platter was his rib injury against the Steelers. Later in the games season, his knee, ankle etc were bruised and affected his performance.

That’s tough luck buddy. If I say you had a bad year with injuries, I think it would be an understatement. Here’s to hoping that you get better and blaze a trail on the sporting field.

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