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Paris Hilton of Russia Katia Verber

Meet the Paris Hilton of Russia – Katia Verber. Katia is all of 24 years old and was born with a silver nee titanium spoon in a country which once shunned all forms of individual prosperity and materialism.

So what is Katia Verber‘s lifestyle like. Well you get up when you feel like, then you take a shower in one of the most luxiriously built bathrooms with marble tiles imported from Italy.

Possibly after that you drink fresh orange juice imported from the best orchards and then what…hmm lets see, what else but the favorite outdoor sports of girls around the world – Shopping.

So now Katia Verber gets chauffeured around Moscow in nothing less than a gold Bentley and just in case her parents need to reach her ot Katia wants to call her friend what does she use but a $7,000 titanium Vertu cell phone. Don’t forget another of girl’s best friends -Designer bags. Ms Verber has a designer handbag collection that would make the likes of Kimora Lee Simmons turn green with envy.

According to the women magazine Marie Claire, the Russian billionaire heiress spends her days…including nights shopping, clubbing.

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