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Emily Hughes American Idol

In almost every season on American Idol there is one participant who has an adventurous streak with lots of tattoos, piercings and don’t care attitude. In the last season, it was the gruff voiced Harley Davidson riding nurse Amanda Overmyer. And those with stronger memories would recall a year before that, it was Gina Glocksen who played the wild wild west role to the T.

So this year who is going to be? You already know if you are searching for it on Google! Its going to be who else but the tattooed, pink-haired Emily Wynne Hughes. The Go Betty Go singer who said without remorse that if she made the cut, she would gladly abandon her band without second thoughts from the European tour if she made it to where else but Hollywood.

So my money is on it, that she might be the first true punk rocker to make it to Hollywood. By the way did you know she wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet!

Emily Hughes became infamous and notorious when while posing for a photo she mooned the camera. So anyway Emily Hughes basically goes around wearing a SCRAM bracelet after she was arrested in West Hollywood while driving under influence.

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