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Eric The Midget And Air Force Amy

President Elect is walking right into a big mess within next two weeks and his announcements become more dire with every passing day.

Given the state of the economy, workers are getting laid off left right and center days — but the situation in one sector is defying the national mood. Given that men still have biological needs and wants. The Bunny Ranch and other legal houses of ill repute have let it known that they are seeing a spike in women applying for positions given the current unfortunate empoloyment scenario in the regular mainstream economy.

Bunny Ranch: Applications Up Up and Away

Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada has had its own fair share of 15 minutes of fame (or rather more) all with due generosity of the popular HBO show — with caricatures like Air Force Amy, and even a guy populary nick named as Eric the Midget by radio show host Howard Stern.

Guess how many applications were put in for jobs at these places? If the figures dished out by Bunny Ranch are to be believed, about 1,500 applications in December itself.

I have covered this story in another article as well. Check it out from – click here.

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