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Drive By To Armonk And Westmoreland

I had a map and compass session planned at Westmoreland sanctuary and while driving to the designated point, I passed through Armonk. You might say – So?, but considering the fact that I am into tech by profession, and as any computer guy would politely point out to you, Armonk is the site for headquarters of one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies in human history. The venerable and incomparable, also known as Big Blue, International Business Machines aka IBM.

If you take into account the monumental size and phenomenal impact of IBM worldwide, the place where the HQs are based, Armonk, is quite a study in contrast. A small quaint village on the banks of picturesque Hudson river , it has a listed population of just 3,461 people as of the 2000 census!

Armonk is amazing and quite unique in that there are no national chain stores within the town itself. With the exception of two gas stations, a supermarket, and three banks, all of the businesses are locally owned and operated.

Another interesting fact: IBM is one of the few tech companies which date back to 19th century. (GE by Thomas Alva Edision, AT&T by Alexander Graham Bell etc. are others).

Basically this whole area, Armonk, Westmoreland, in fact the Westchester county and near by places like Greenwich, CT are littered with American history. While driving to the sanctuary, I also passed by the protected historical site Smith’s Tavern, which I suppose was a popular pit stop for the revolutionaries.

The area has such dense green vegetation, lakes etc and rural country look and feel. that a person who didn’t know before hand might think he/she is in the middle of a jungle and not near the headquarters of a tech 600 pound gorilla.

Below are some pictures of I took that day with my Canon point and shoot digital camera. Click on the pictures to blow them up and check for finer details.

Also you might want to keep the mouse on the image to read whatever description I have added for each one of them.

The View On The Way

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