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Women of India In Technology

Padmasree Warrior is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT)

Warrior joined Motorola in 1984 and was appointed its CTO in 2003. Motorola has research and product development efforts worth $4.0 billion and encompassing 25,000 engineers. As the leader of corporate research Warrior oversees a small portion of these efforts.

When named CTO in January 2003, she become Motorola’s first woman executive vice president. Padmasree joined Motorola in 1984, as one of a few women in its Arizona facility.

Under Padmasree’s leadership, Motorola was awarded the 2004 National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States. Motorola received this highest recognition of American innovation for the first time in the company’s 77 year history in Feb 2006.

As a visionary industry influencer who has demonstrated excellent global talent development and operational leadership capabilities, Padmasree is a highly sought after public speaker.Padmasree and her husband enjoy the challenge of integrating the complexities of their respective high tech careers with the demands of parenting.


Raised near Chennai in Southern India, Warrior received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, from which she was recently recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award. She holds masters in chemical engineering from Cornell University and serves as an advisory board member at both schools. In 2007 she was honored to receive Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa from New York’s Polytechnic University.

Check out Padmasree’s corporate blog and read what she’s blogging about these days from here.

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