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How Do Presidential Kids Go To School

One of the Obama daughters (Sasha or Malia) being escorted to her new school Sidewell Friends during first day of school in Washington DC.

I am already starting to feel suffocated.

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    1. kristoff says:

      Don’t worry you’ll get used to it, just study hard make lots of good friends and avoid people who might just try using you for political influence. In time you will become a master of political game play consider this your first political playground where mistakes won’t count as much against you as future enviroments will. Be aware that when you step out the door you will be a media darling so keep the fashion fun, young, and hell even a touch daring (rather them talk about how you look and who the designer was then your marks at school, right) take care and remember life is an up and down kinda thang, peace.

    2. Troy says:

      That’s some really beautiful advice Kristoff.

    3. danielle says:

      The obama should be tankful to God for all the riches they have and to the american people that pay taxes to sopopot them. I will like to see Barack Obama to think for the children in america that pay and they don’t get the good schools like he does. Also to put more money for teachers is not the solution I work in a school cheachers and staff don’t care that is the truth.
      God bless the american people that work so hard.

    4. Provost Dr. Tom Burish stated in the release that “While Notre Dame would have preferred to maintain its independence, the financial realities of the world of college football made the decision a necessity.” He also said that “The longstanding tradition of the schools in the Big 10 conference best fit that of the Irish program”, according to reports.


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