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Liskula Cohen Got A Bee Buzzing

I have had plenty of folks write stupid stuff about popular people in the comments section. I barely take notice. Even Youtube is infamous for never ending cussing in the comments section.

But this stuff about Liskula is totally out of the world.

A Canadian model Liskula Cohen, has filed a law suit against Google because some blogger made some nasty comments against her on the Google’s Blog publishing service called Blogger.

Liskula is about middle 30s and has appeared on the cover of W and Australian Vogue way back in the 90s. It seems now she is out of work and idle that she has filed a case against Google wanting to know the identity of those who made these remarks against her. The blog apparently called her a ‘Skanky Superstar’.

The blog itself is called Skanks in NYC and is solely focussed on stupid photos of Liskula Cohen. Interestingly, all the images were hosted on a single day. Seems like who ever is doing it had a recent falling out with Liskula and earlier both were good friends. How else would they have access to the photos?

Its a lot more closer to home than Liskula is telling.

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