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David Bugliari Engages Alyssa Milano

Lucky creative David Bugliari is happily engaged to Alyssa Milano. I would have no doubt about that. Anybody engaged to Alyssa would nothing but happy. And once they are married I bet Dave would be jumping with joy. Dave Bugliari got down on his knees on December 19th actually but it is only now that folks got over their Christmas and New Year hangover to take notice.

David Bugliari is not so known in the popular psyche and that’s because he had a drab 9 to 5 job like many of us. What is different though that unlike us, he had a celebrity girl hanging by his arm. He was dating Alyssa for about a year before popping the question to his celebrity girl friend.

Alyssa Milano Bio and Wiki

Alyssa Milano is a 35ish actress who has been in the tinsel town for some time. She hit it big time when she played the daughter of Governor Arnie in the 85 movie Commando.

Alyssa has already had vows before so it wont be as exciting as she was during her first marriage. Alyssa was married to Cinjun Tate back in the day in 99 but the marriage lasted for a very short time. After her divorce she was linked with many celebrities as they are wont to do in Hollywood.

Good luck to the couple. I will be posting the Alyssa Milano & David Bugliari engagement and marriage pictures (photos, videos etc) as and when they become available. Keep checking and take time out to wish the happy couple below.

Watch Alyssa Milano Touch below:

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