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Knife Crimes On Rise In UK

Hardly surprising. London has always been a center of attraction for youth and gang related knife crimes. According to a BBC source, tougher laws will be implemented in the New Year. This will see that criminals will get tougher jail sentences. Judges will have more power to decide on punishments. Asides jail sentences, stricter community service will be introduced with a heavy sanction on curfews and personal liberties. Personally, I am not in favours of community service. For me, it means a cop out from actual jail sentence. A criminal won’t learn much about the seriousness of his crime from doing community service. That’s like saying to a child, you’re grounded but you can still go out and be back before a time deadline.

I am not a fan of Tory party. Never liked them. However I appreciate their efforts in raising awareness about knife related crimes and how it is on a rise. I appreciate the fact they seem concerned about this. I like and support their proposal of introducing automatic presumption of jail for knife possession. It is harsh, but its necessary. I rather see someone go to jail than to see someone getting killed. Harsh and selfish, but for me, saving a life is more important.

Last year and this year, a lot of teenagers in London have died from knife related crimes. I used to read about them in the newspapers all the time. I rather we adopt the ‘its better to be safe than sorry’ approach. I also support the stop and search tactics. I think it is very necessary. Youth and suspicious looking folks need to be stopped and searched on the spot, where ever they are. Police should be tough and be given full support by the government and all political parties.

The UK government is already doing what they can but I feel that increasing the age limit to 18 to buy a knife, doubling the jail term isn’t enough. We need to do more. We can’t rest until our streets are safe from such crimes.

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    1. zyx says:

      christ, its all great and stuff, but this is the worst way the government could take to deal with this issue. I mean, if you carry a knife you might get imprisoned, but shouldnt they do something in order to prevent anyone from carrying those knives? In other places crimes related to knvies arent that common as they are/were in London which is divided into zones and districts that are run by some gangs or are well, too multi-cultural as this often causes people to be more violent and aggresive toward others. So I suppose it would be way better if they just did more to fight the gangs, as we’re having the law changed because the police can’t manage to prevent these crimes. And also teach the community that they should be more united as now one, new nation which is, unfortunately, not likely to happen any time soon.
      Btw. I’m a foreigner and live in Western London, 5th zone, and when moving around at night, it often gets quite scary when you’re waiting for a night bus on a bus stop and you get to meet a group of unknown to you people, yet you’re all alone and can’t protect yourself. And that’s why it’s sometimes necessary for people to carry a knife for self-defence and it’s a cool thing to scare some1 off. However, they’re like to carry knives themselves then too probably, but even without a knife they’d just beat the shit out of you unless you are able to protect yourself somehow – like a knife. So what I’m saying is that let people feel safe and get rid of issues that arise between different nations (that are quite common due to stereotypes and districts being usually one-culture oriented) and it would be better than just changing the law.


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