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Madoff Scandal > First Victim > De La Villehuchet

Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet is the first victim of the Bernie aka Bernard Madoff billion plus dollar scam. This scandal is starting to read like a Jeffery Archer thriller. I am still trying to ascertain the cause of death, whether it was self inflicted, natural, or if one of the wronged groups/individual was behind it.

Further updates to  be added soon.


OK, according to the emerging reports, its self inflicted. Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet was found sitting at his desk with wounds on his wrist indicating (for now) he had himself perpetrated the action. I will wait for the medical report and police report before we commit to anything. Also, there was a box cutter found close to the desk, apparently with which the action was committed.

Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet Bio & Wiki

De La Villehuchet was the founder of a Wall Street Financial fund that lost about $1.4 billion dollars because of Bernard Madoff’s schemings. This has given a grim turn to the events so far.

De La Villehuchet was working for the fund called Access International Advisors.

Magon is basically french royalty and the name even finds mention on a monument built during Napoleans time in France. I am pretty sure Rene Thierry fellow was of french aristocracy.

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