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Bethesda Water Main Break

Today the Bethesda, Maryland water main broke and this led to a whole lot of chaos and confusion. Not to mention endangering a lot of commuter lives who was there around the time of the incident.

Water Main Break

The emergency team that responded had to scramble helicopters and boats to deal with the sheer momentum of the incident. There was plenty of frigid floodwater released by the huge main water after it collapsed. This happened very close to Washington.

What ever images I could see of the incident, there was a specific one in which two people were clinging on to a minivan that was being washed down by the torrent of water. Quite stark.

Regarding the pictures of the incident, until the wire photographers mail the pics, most of the websites will show you frozen screen shots from the video below. So that’s the latest so far.

Were you there at the time of the incident? Was any of your friend or family involved in the incident? Tell us what you saw or heard about it in the feedback below.

Meanwhile check out the youtube video of the dramatic rescue:

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