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Online Movie Piracy: Watching Movies For Free

Take a look at this site.

This is how the online version of a business take down looks like.

Most of us enjoy watching movies. It would be even more fun to watch movies and not have to pay for it. Internet has made that possible. Easy availability of music online has already sounded the death knell for music publishing industry. Record sales have fallen down like there’s no tomorrow and totally stripped this business model of any respect.

Now the same could have happened in the movie business too but the Hollywood moguls have learned their lessons well. They smartened up and took the fight right into the enemy camp. The pirates have no where to run and hide.

Cinematube is one example of that. This site was not even well known. Even then Hollywood went after it (and its ilk) with hammer and tongs to act as a deterrent for other such similar piracy businesses online.

Yes, you shut down one and many more would pop up but it would become an expensive proposition. Lets say the servers and web hosts reside outside. But if they continue to violate the piracy laws, American government egged by the company lobbies will take some or the other action.

Now even though Hollywood rakes in more money but it is the Indian movie industry which makes the highest number of movies in the world and sells the most number of theater tickets.

So Bollywood, thats how this industry is referred to in the local argot, is equally at risk here and the industry bosses need to take a hard line against this menace.

The more they delay and let the infestation spread, the bigger the loses would pile. There are multitude of servers and sites which point to Bollywood movies online and Indians spread out around the world regularly watch them for free, which otherwise they would have rented at least.

I am not against the freebies but its bad for the business as a whole.

As far as music was concerned, the music industry was ripping off the consumers by charging astronomically and selling it in such a manner that even though we wanted to listen to, lets say a single song from the band, we still had to buy the whole album.

iTunes with its single song download made it possible for the user not to buy the crap along with the goodies. Users got what they paid for minus the excess baggage.

But this suit brings up an interesting precedent. The site that got sued and had to shut down was not physically storing the bootleg movie copies on its site. It was simply acting as a library and pointing to other sites that actually stored these movies.

This makes them the Google of illegal movies. A sort of a search engine for pirates.

So what does it mean for Google? Google does not store movies illegally on its server but if I want to catch the latest flick online, I usually search for it using Google and this search engine points me in the right direction.

Does this imply Google is aiding and abetting online piracy? How different is Google’s role compared to Cinematube.

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    1. Vic says:

      I love the internet. possibilities are endless

    2. Velda Aitkin says:

      I like that I don’t have to pay for a subscription like wow

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