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Jamie Day Bartender Photo

Meet Jamie Day, who is all of 24, and has already managed to grab her fair share of 15 minutes of internet fame by appearing on the Hot Trends. But a more serious charge levelled on this lady could change her fortunes for the worse.

She was bar tending without any clothing and was earning quite high in tips when somebody placed a call to the cops about indecent exposure.

By the time the cops arrived, Jamie Day had managed to slip on a tee but this did not stop the cops from charging her with the said incident.

Looking at the photos of Jamie Day, I think it would be safe to say having not indulged in the activity that got her in trouble, it would have been very hard for her to get the tips. No wonder she had to resort to other tactics.

According to the locals, this is not the first time and this won’t be the last time. Meanwhile, check out a funny reality video on a different kind of a bartender. This is just for the laughs.

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