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Evander Holyfield Vs Nikolai Valuev

If you are a boxing fan you are going to get your rocks off the Evander Holyfield Vs Nikolai Valuev fight. And if you are not a fan, just the name of Evander Holyfield will make you want to know about this fight.

Tonight on Saturday December 20, World Boxing Association champion Evander Holyfield has some plans. And those plans do not portend something warm and fuzzy for the current WBA champ Nikolai Valuev. For both these boxers are set to fight in Zurich tonight.

Guess what is Evander Holyfield’s age? Yup, that’s right. All of 46 year old and still kicking screaming on the boxing rink. Holyfield is bent on proving that age is not going to prove a handicap for him. And you can imagine the ecstatic crowds who have sold out.

But its not just the age that go against this great American boxing great, its his weight, which is 40 kgs lighter than his opponent, his height, which is around 30 cm shorter and of course I have already told you about the age.

Nikolai, on the other hand is the heaviest and tallest WBA champ so far.  This face off reminds me of the Rocky movies which used cold war propaganda to see their movies.

Check out this page for live webcast of the fight between Evander and Nikolai. I will be posting the youtube video clip as well here.

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